Nine-year-old Iris is one step ahead of us all.

The clever youngster, from Devon, tried to trick the tooth fairy into giving her money by colouring a Tic Tac red – a prank thatleft her parents in hysterics. 

Iris placed the mint under her pillow in the hope that she would be reimbursed for her ‘loss.’

But her mother, Rachel Wojciechowski, confronted the trickster after discovering the ‘tooth’ had a very minty smell.

Iris admitted she had planned to trick the tooth fairy into leaving her a £2 coin and was very disappointed to discover her fake tooth was still there when she woke up.

She even used a red Sharpie to make the tooth look convincing.

Rachel and her husband Daniel had to explain to their daughter that the tooth fairy can’t be tricked.

Sneaky Iris did, however, receive a chocolate coin in replacement of the makeshift tooth.

Rachel said: ‘I went in to make her bed in the morning, lifted up her pillow and noticed this “tooth” underneath.

‘At first, I thought it was a tooth because it was the right size and pearly white but then I thought, we haven’t had any wobblies.

‘She has a very good sense of humour and is really into believing in the tooth fairy.

‘She normally gets a £2 coin so she was definitely trying her luck.’

Rachel posted the hilarious looking ‘tooth’ on the Facebook page Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas and was shocked to receive thousands of likes and comments on it.

She added: ‘I didn’t expect the reaction. Within 15 minutes, it had reached 1,000 likes.

‘I thought it would only get 100 but everyone found it hilarious.

‘It made us laugh so I wanted to show everyone else.’

We applaud Iris’ stellar effort.

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