A mum-of-two lives her life as though it's the 1950s as she thinks her place is at home taking care of her kids, husband and all the chores.

Alexia Delarosa, 29, from San Diego, always wanted a family life where she stayed home to cook, clean and look after her children and husband.

Her upbringing was quite the opposite of this, as she felt like her mum wasn't around due to work commitments and socialising with friends, and she promised herself this wouldn't be the case when it came to her own marriage.

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What's more is she thinks it could become a popular way of living, as she thinks people now realise women "can't have it all".

She said she always knew there were things she would do differently due to the way she was brought up as a child.

Alexia said: "I didn't want my kids to feel like they had to escape their home, and I wanted them to be confident in the fact that their mum's always around and things are always taken care of.

"I wanted them to have a stable and predictable home life.

"My mum worked and she also enjoyed time outside of our family home with friends.

"We have very different types of personalities, as I am much more of a homebody.

"So, I have always wanted a more traditional model for my family.

"I loved the idea of a 50s style family life, where the wife stays home to look after her husband and kids, and the husband goes out to work full time.

"I remember watching films where the women would stay home to cook and clean for their husbands, and I thought it was a romantic and sweet life."

When she first started dating her husband, Matthew, 37, the pair talked about the kind of family and life they wanted.

She said they loved the idea of him working full-time to take care of the finances, and she would stay home to cook and look after the children.

Following the birth of their first son, Archer, who is now two, they decided quite early that Alexia would stay at home with him.

At the time, Alexia ran an at-home baking business which she worked on part-time, but when she fell pregnant with their second son, Arlo, one, she dedicated all her time to looking after the little ones.

Matthew owns and runs a coffee shop, and is constantly working, so Alexia ensures that everything is taken care of at home.

"I've always loved homemaking, and I was more than happy to take on this role," she added.

"Matthew doesn't have any duties assigned to him.

"I take care of all of the chores, and ensure dinner is on the table for when he finishes work.

"This is when we have a meal together as a family.

"I am quite particular in the way things are, so I like it to be this way too.

"Matthew loves to be at work, and I love to be at home taking care of things.

"We both thrive in our roles, and this arrangement works perfectly for us."

She said the family has quite a strict routine – with Alexia waking up between 5.30am and 6am to get herself and the kids ready.

She then makes breakfast for them, and will clean up before they spend time together.

Since posting about her traditional lifestyle on social media, Alexia admitted she often receives negative comments from trolls.

The mum said people say things like being a full-time mother and wife isn't a "real" job, and some people think she's just trying to turn back the clock.

Alexia said: "I don't let it bother me because I know that the job I am doing is invaluable, and it would be so expensive if we were to pay someone else to fulfil this role while I went out to work.

"It is so important to have a parent in the home that is consistently there for the kids.

"I used to be a nanny, and I was there for so many special and cute moments with the kids I was nannying for.

"They were such special times and it made me realise that I wanted to be there for all of these moments when I had my own kids.

"We have also decided that we will be home-schooling the boys. I couldn't imagine our family any other way."


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