Mum mocked as she admits Tooth Fairy gave daughter £16 due to inflation

Losing a gnasher back in the day meant a visit from the Tooth Fairy was on the horizon.

The fantasy figure would sneak into the child's room and leave anywhere between 50p to £2 for a tooth.

And the "Tooth Fairy", aka the child's parents, would place the money under their pillow.

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Now one girl was left surprised when $20 (£16.47) was found tucked under her pillow when she woke up in the morning.

Her mum explained how the amount was increased because the Tooth Fairy "suffers from inflation" just like everyone else.

Taking to Reddit, she said: "It's crazy the things you Google these days. I had to look up and see how much the Tooth Fairy pays out for the first tooth.

"We decided to go with $20 (around £16) because she's been so excited and she is late to losing her teeth. All her friends have lost several thus far.

"I ended up doing an origami heart out of the $20 (£16) and dusting it with glitter. Then I took a pair of Barbie shoes and stamped a glitter walking path on her nightstand.

"She loved it and instantly started checking everywhere for other shoe prints to see where Ms Tooth Fairy entered the house."

But when the girl told her grandparents all about the Tooth Fairy's visit, they couldn't believe it.

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The mum continued: "My parents were shocked. [They said], ' $20! (£16) I was lucky to get a quarter'. I'm sorry mum and dad the tooth fairy suffers from inflation as well."

While most users were shocked on Reddit, others claimed children don't care about the money, it's more to the fact that the Tooth Fairy paid them a visit.

One admitted: "We were planning on $5 (£4.10) but instead my son opted to keep his tooth to 'study it'."

Another added: "Kid don't care amount the amount just that it's cool the fairy came."

While a third shocked writer posted: "20? Like 20 dollars! That seems a lot. My kid gets a shiny £2 and a note from the tooth fairy. She is super pleased with that."

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