The laundry tips that will change your life: Mum-of-two reveals her four simple secrets for keeping your clothes fresh and in perfect condition

  • Chantel Mila is a mother-of-two and cleaning expert from Melbourne
  • She shared four simple tips for keeping white laundry pristine and colours bright
  • Chantel fastens buttons and zips, then turns clothes inside out before washing
  • Instead of fabric softener, Chantel douses clothes in white vinegar
  • She also applies a few drops of eucalyptus oil and baking soda to remove stains

A mother-of-two who runs a popular cleaning blog has shared her four-step secret for beautifully fresh laundry.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, Australian blogger Chantel Mila revealed the simple tricks she uses to keep her whites immaculate and colours bright in the wash.

The Melbourne mum, who posts as ‘Mama Mila’ and has 58,200 followers, said she starts by fastening buttons and zips, then turns clothes inside out to prevent stretching and fraying around the hems.

Instead of pouring fabric softener over her laundry, Chantel said she douses it with half a cup of white vinegar which stops detergent accumulating on clothing and leaves the fabric soft and smelling fresh.

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Australian mother Chantel Mila (pictured) runs a popular Instagram page called Mama Mila which has 58,200 followers

The Melbourne cleaning expert fastens zips and buttons before turning clothes inside out to prevent stretching and fraying around the hems (left), and uses eucalyptus oil and bicarbonate of soda as a natural pre-wash stain remover (right)

‘[White vinegar] is particularly great for musty gym clothes, towels and bed linens,’ she said.

For soiled clothing, Chantel said she applies a few drops of eucalyptus oil and baking soda as a chemical-free ‘pre-wash stain remover’.

She also adds half a cup of bicarbonate of soda to white washes to preserve whiteness and reduce yellowing and other discolouration.

Chantel’s final tip involves the washing machine itself, which she says must be kept pristinely clean if you want to keep clothes in good condition.

In December, she told fans that cleaning the inside of the washing machine once a month dramatically reduces the risk of clothes being marked in the wash. 

Chanel shared a video on TikTok guiding viewers through her five-step solution for eliminating ‘scrud’, a build-up of detergent and powder that accumulates in the drums of washing machines and leaves stains on fabric.

She begins by wiping the seal around the drum with a dash of white vinegar and five drops of tea tree oil to kill mould.

Pump filters should be cleaned regularly to remove hair, coins and tissues that become trapped during wash cycles.

Once this is done, Chantel pours a cleaning agent like Pine O’Cleen into the drum and runs an empty 40 degree cycle before leaving the door open and allowing it to air dry.

The result is a mould-free, sparkling clean washing machine that keeps laundry fresher and immaculately clean.

Tips for fresher laundry

1. Fasten all buttons and zips and turn clothes inside out before washing them to prevent stretching and wear.

2. Swap fabric softener for half a cup of white vinegar – it helps to reduce build up and leaves clothes soft and deodorised. It’s particularly great for musty gym clothes, towels and linens.

3. A few drops of eucalyptus oil and baking soda is a great pre-wash stain remover (also adding half a cup of bicarb soda to your wash whitens clothes).

4. Wash your washer. Keeping your washing machine clean is the best way to keep clothes fresh.

Source: Mama Mila Australia via Instagram 

Chantel said she cleans her machine ‘monthly’ to keep ‘white clothes whiter’ and ‘musty smells’ at bay.

‘Such a ‘quick-win’ clean and it feels so good once it’s done!’ she wrote in the caption.

Her video, which has been viewed 14,500 times since it was uploaded on Monday, has won widespread praise from fellow house-proud followers.

‘You keep reminding me of things I need to clean!’ one woman replied.

‘I’m saving this because I tried doing it the other day and couldn’t find the video. Love this and need this!’ added a second, while a third called the clip ‘so helpful’.

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