Mum slammed for giving baby ‘trashy’ manicure with extra long nails

A mum was criticised for giving her baby a manicure.

The parent applied falsies onto each of her tot’s nails – and they’re so long they look like talons.

A Louis Vuitton logo adorns the infant’s middle finger, while glitter and gemstones can be seen on the others.

Pictures of the baby’s nails have been criticised since they were posted on Reddit.

Many parents worried the tot was in danger of harming herself with the pointy mani.

One commenter said: “I’m concerned this baby will poke her eye out.”

Another wrote: “This is how your child gets hurt.

“Has this person never been around an infant before? They poke and prod every hole and orifice on their body.”

A third remarked: “I feel genuinely uncomfortable.”

Others simply branded the nails “horrible" and "trashy".

Despite the backlash, some defended the mum and argued the manicure was just a bit of fun.

A Redditor commented: “They’re temporary press on nails, probably just for a silly pic if mum does nails.”

And another accused people of “over reacting”.

They wrote: “I bet the kid wanted those nails! If I was a little kid I would have.

“And since they’re press on the glue is not going to destroy their nails.”

And a third agreed: “Looks like someone just having fun with their kids.”

The NHS recommends keeping babies nails short to keep them safe.

On the website, it said: “Some babies are born with long nails and it's important to cut them in case they scratch themselves.

“You can buy special baby nail clippers or small, round-ended safety scissors.

“If you find the idea of cutting your baby's nails too nerve-wracking, you could try filing them down with a fine emery board instead.”

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