Mum tells kids real reason she divorced their dad – his affair with her sister

Divorcing your partner is never going to be easy, no matter how amicable the split.

That doubles if you have kids together, quadruples if your partner has an affair, and, as one mum has sadly found out, at least octuples if that affair was with your sister.

For this particular woman, after her kids’ new ‘stepmum’ told them some lies about how the divorce happened, she is now wondering if she’s done the right thing by dishing out some hard truths in response.

Taking to Reddit to share her story, she wrote: ‘I 38 (female) have 15, 12, nine and six-year-old daughters.

‘Me and their father got a divorce when my youngest was just two years old. My ex-husband had an affair with my sister 35 (female). My ex-husband and my sister had been sneaking behind my back and I had found out when I came home early from my shift.’

The mum said that her husband and sister came up with ‘every excuse in the books’ to justify their affair, and so she waited for the children’s sake to see if the dalliance would really end.

But when it was still going on six months later, she served him divorce papers.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of her problems with her husband and sister.

‘Here’s the real thing,’ she went on. ‘My sister, AKA my daughter’s stepmum, had been telling my daughters how I was the one who broke up the marriage.’


‘I found this out when my six-year-old daughter came up to me crying asking why I broke her family up,’ the mum added. ‘I was so confused, so I asked her more questions – she told me how my sister had been saying I cheated on their father and more b*llsh*t.’

‘I had called the rest of my daughters downstairs and asked them to tell me what their stepmum had been saying – they proceeded to tell me everything.

‘So I told my daughters the truth.’

She said her kids didn’t believe her at first, but that changed when she told them to ask their father and grandparents for the whole story.

‘My daughters went back to their father’s house this past weekend when I got a call from him calling me all types of names in the book and him asking if I wanted to ruin our daughters’ relationship with him.

‘He hung up and no less than 10 minutes later, my phone was being blown up with him calling me all the names in the book and saying how I’m “a sh***y mother”.

The post ends with her asking if she’s in the wrong.

People in the comments have largely sided with her and decided that she is not, with one writing: ‘You need to contact an attorney about this situation. They have attempted to poison the girls against you.’

Another person said: ‘They were being lied to by their father and stepmother, you corrected the lie.’

‘My sister would be dead to me,’ wrote someone else. ‘Hurt me and take my husband, I will recover. Hurt my kids like that… you are dead to me. I would be in my lawyer’s office ASAP.’

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