A woman was left heartbroken when she found out her long-term boyfriend had "left her for someone he met for three days".

She claimed her partner had gone on holiday with his pals to Croatia and things went downhill when she learned that he was extending his stay.

In the clip she shared on TikTok, the woman revealed how she found out her boyfriend cheated on her.

She explained in the video captions: "My boyfriend of five and a half years goes on a boy's weekend away to Croatia.

"He doesn't speak to me for a full 24 hours then texts saying he's staying two more days.

"Again he doesn't speak to me for another 24 hours then texts saying 'the boys are coming home the next day' but he's not."

Still hoping that he was just joking, the woman waited up for him in case of a "surprise" show up.

But it didn't happen and after rounds of texts and phone calls, she picked up something suspicious from his mate's social media post.

"His friend posts a snap of him with another girl," she said.

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"Then sends a text at 1am saying he's staying out there with someone else that he has met and he's not coming home three days he's known her."

Her story, dubbed the "cheater tok", has gone viral and viewers were furious on her behalf.

One said: "Rather five years in, than 10. See it as a blessing. You dodged a bullet."

"Girl I'm sorry that happened to you," a second wrote. "I will happily torment you through any social media."

Some said she deserved better and urged her not to go back to him.

Meanwhile, a woman felt betrayed when she accidentally walked in on her husband while he was chatting with a sex worker in the middle of the night.

Her husband tried to say it was a work call and then switched to say it was just porn, but she knew that it was a person interacting with him.

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