DEAR DEIDRE: FRIENDS have asked me to have a word with my pal, who has started to stink.

She is lovely, but I know for her sake I need to tackle the issue.

I’ve got to admit, the smell is truly overpowering.

Honestly, it’s like someone has left fish bones in the bin for days.

I’m 53, she is 55 and we have been good friends for years through our local rugby club.

But now I have to hold my breath whenever I get too close. How do I tell her without seriously upsetting her?

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DEIDRE SAYS: This is a very delicate situation, and best is to be direct and kind.

In a quiet moment, let her know you’re concerned about her health, as you’ve started to notice she smells differently.

People can have body odour when bacteria on the skin reacts with sweat.

Normal good hygiene will usually eradicate this.

As your friend has only recently started to smell there may be a medical reason.

Recommend that she see her doctor.

My support pack Body Odour explains more.


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