My morning routine starts at 3.45am and includes an ice shower

My morning routine starts at 3.45am and includes a sauna session and ice shower – even my family call it ‘mad’

  • Chloe Alice Louise Bootham, from Bolton, starts each day at 3:45 am
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A woman has divided opinion after revealing her morning routine – which includes getting up at 3:45 am, walking the dog and enjoying a sauna session and ice shower, all before work at 8am.

Chloe Alice Louise Bootham, 26, from Bolton, shared her schedule on LinkedIn, before it was picked up by Twitter account The State of LinkedIn, who shared it with their 288,200 followers.

They captioned the screenshot of the post: ‘Good morning to all of you who didn’t get out of bed at 3:45 this morning.’

Recalling the order that she liked to start her day, Chloe wrote: ‘Everyday my alarm goes off at 3:45am!! Why? Because I absolutely love it. My everyday routine looks a little something like this…’

The sales manager went on to list her schedule, revealing that after her alarm goes off there was no snooze button but simply a ‘3,2,1 up’.

Chloe Alice Louise Bootham (pictured), 26, from Bolton, shared her schedule on LinkedIn , before it was picked up by Twitter account The State of LinkedIn , who shared it with their 288,200 followers 

After a quick shower and changing into workout gear, she is at the gym at 04:30 for an hour of exercise, followed by a sauna, an ice-cold shower and then on her way home.

By the time she gets home at 06:30 am, a time many people would still consider pretty early, Chloe is heading back out to walk her dog, Hugo.

This is then followed by breakfast before being ready to start her day of work at 08:00 am.

She then added: ‘This is my routine, this is my passion, I love waking up at 03:45 am grateful and thinking right today is getting it! I’m persistent, I’m consistent and even on the days when I don’t want to get out of bed… I do and I get it done!’

Chloe added that the routine allows her to be more proactive and she absolutely loves it.

Understandably many people had questions, mostly about what time she went to bed, which Chloe was happy to answer.

Admitting bedtime was usually nodding off around 9:00 pm, she explained: ‘Routine is a routine and working a 10-hour day minimum in the office or out on the road I’m nodding off by 8:00pm after an 18 hour day!’

Another wondered how long she had been getting up this early for, and she revealed it had been going on for a number of years after initially starts of 05:00 am.

Recalling the order that she liked to start her day, Chloe (pictured) wrote: ‘Everyday my alarm goes off at 3:45am!! Why? Because I absolutely love it. My everyday routine looks a little something like this…’ 

Chloe shared a detailed look at how her day starts and what it comprises before most of us have even woken up

She wrote: ‘…for years I’ve done 5:00am club and then I got a new coach who trains me at 4:30am so after nearly a year of 3:45am get ups it’s a lifestyle now haha!’

Lots of people were enthusiastic about the early morning start, with many adding comments. One person wrote: ‘This is amazing routine and waking up early does have a positive impact on our mind and body.’

‘Amazing dedication and commitment Chloe, have a great week,’ added another member. And a third person enthused: ‘You are a machine!! Way to go super star Chloe.’

Interestingly, the comments under the Twitter account were not as positive with many ripping into the routine. 

One person wrote: ‘There is no way that this sort of routine actually happens. Which makes you look at the type of person who posts this in a different way. Deluded. Odd. Needy.’

Chloe’s dog Hugo (pictured right) gets up early too and has an early morning walk at 06:30 am every day. Pictured left: In case you’ve never been up that early, this is what Bolton looks like at 04:15 am to get to the gym

‘It’s takes them over 4 hours to get up, go to the gym, and have breakfast which suggests to me they need some time management help. 

‘Also, if it’s “literally 3,2,1 up” how f****** far away is your shower that it takes 15 minutes to get into it?!,’ added another aggrieved Twitter user.

Someone else joked: ‘I can get up at 7am, and get a workout done, be showered and fed and at my desk for 9am. I don’t, but I can.’

A fourth person teased: ‘What they don’t mention is that by 4pm, they’re sprawled on the sofa in front of the TV, fast asleep, with a half-chewed slice of pizza sliding gently down their chest…’

While another was convinced it had to be made up, asking: ‘This has got to be a parody. It has to be.’

Speaking to FEMAIL about the reaction to her post, Chloe said: ‘I’ve done 5:00 am club and then I got a new PT called Cammie who trains me at 4:30 am so after nearly a year of 3:45am get ups, it’s a lifestyle now. 

‘…I have found that early mornings and training at the gym makes me a better sales manager, allowing me to give more time and attention to my clients – who I love!’

For those people anxiously wondering why it takes 15 minutes to get from the bed to the shower, Chloe says: ‘It just does – by the time I’ve got my clothes ready and got my gym bag together… fifteen minutes have passed.’  

LinkedIn members had a much more positive reaction to Chloe’s post about her early morning routine

Despite loving her routine, Chloe does admit that her friends and family aren’t so enthusiastic about it. 

She said: ‘They think I’m mad and that I wake up in the middle of the night, but my colleagues love the energetic person it makes me at work.

‘I’m single if that gives you any answer to how it affects relationships but, I am dedicated to the routine more than anything so I do say no to plans if they interrupt it. 

‘Having said that, I am able to integrate my social life around it and I do love to let my hair down and have fun on the weekends.’

Positive and energetic Chloe says she won’t let the negative comments on Twitter get to her.


While some people on Twitter were not convinced by Chloe’s early morning routine and ripped into it

She stated: ‘I don’t let the negative comments get me down though because I get them on LinkedIn all the time anyway – they don’t bother me. I find it funny how everyone cares about what I get up to in the morning.

‘Over half of the tweets are concerned with why I shower before the gym and it’s as simple as I’m hygienic and like to feel fresh first thing in the morning.’

Chloe is not the only woman who thinks getting up before dawn has broken is the key to a successful career and fulfilling life.

Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of U.S. Vogue, is on the tennis court by 6am, and former First Lady Michelle Obama hauls herself out of bed at 4.30am to work out before her daughters get up.

FEMAIL previously spoke to three women who love getting up early to have what they call the ‘magic hours’ while their families sleep – and why, they say, they’re wealthy, successful and slim.

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