DEAR DEIDRE: MY wife had a lesbian dream and told me the next night.

She described it in so much detail that we both became very aroused and role-played the scenario.

I want my wife to live a fulfilled sex life and we were both very turned on, but now I’m concerned she may actually be gay. Is there more to this?

We have a great sex life and my wife always achieves orgasm.

We have been married for ten years and have two brilliant kids. I am 36 and she is 34.

We love each other and are good friends. I still find her incredibly attractive and sexy.

We have sex at least a couple of times a week and she’s obviously satisfied so I was intrigued when she told me about her dream.

It made me think there is so much more for her to experience sexually.

In her dream we were both at a posh wine bar, looking for a woman for my wife to have sex with.

We find the perfect woman. She is tall, blonde, athletic with a figure to die for.

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We make a point of getting to know her and after a few drinks, my wife leans in to kiss her.

My wife then invites this woman back to our place where I watch my wife having sex with her.

Hearing her dream, made me so aroused and that night during sex, we talked dirty.

I told her to imagine her dream again and suggested we finish it off together.

I also asked her if she would like me to watch and she agreed.

Simply imagining the scenario was incredible, although I realise seeing her pleasured by another woman could be disconcerting.

I want her to have the best sexual experiences, no matter how kinky or weird they might be.

Is there more to this or is it a passionate heat of the moment thing?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Don’t panic. This was only a dream and doesn’t mean that your wife is a lesbian.

Many straight women can become aroused by lesbian sex even if they don’t actually want to be with a woman in real life.

It’s OK for your wife to be turned on by sexual acts or sexualities that don’t match up with her existing sex life.

And it’s harmless for you both to be turned on by her dream and integrate elements of it into your relationship.

Where you do need to be careful is pushing this role play to the next level and acting it out in real life.

My support pack Sexual Fantasies And You will give you more guidance.

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