New petition calls for laws on people to fess up to filters on online posts

A new petition is asking for a new law, meaning you'd be required to declare the use of filters on all social media posts.

According to a recent survey by OriGym, one in four of us will not upload a selfie without altering it and 40% of 16-25-year-olds want to change their real-life appearance due to social media filters.

Organisation The Boost UK says it's starting the body positive petition to "help protect everyone’s mental health".

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They wrote: "We are petitioning for more transparency around filters on social media platforms.

"We’re absolutely not suggesting people shouldn’t use them at all as, of course, everyone has a right to do whatever they like with their own photos.

"But we do believe that making it compulsory to declare the filters used to create selfies and all other posts, encourages more transparency and will ultimately help to stop the damage being done to social media users’ self-image."

They added: "We are asking you to please ‘fess up’ when it comes to your filters and help us convince social media platforms to insist all users declare the filters used to create posts to make social media a safer pace for all."

The organisation wants people to share the petition on social media with the hashtag #filterfessup and tag @theboostuk on Instagram to raise awareness.

It added: "We also challenge you to embrace your natural beauty and upload an unfiltered photo of yourself to show your support for transparency in social media.

"We can create a safer and more positive online environment for everyone."

The organisation is working with influencer Melissa Suffield a.k.a. @the.confidentmama on the petition.

Other influencers also started to share it online, with Instagram user @fullplatekate posting it to her 15,500 followers.

Kate hit headlines with her body positive posts in the past, as she edited a lingerie picture of herself to expose Instagram fakery.


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