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Nicola Peltz’s father appeared to taunt her wedding planner while he fired her, according to court papers.

Nicola hired planners for her 2022 nuptials with Brooklyn Beckham, but had dad Nelson axe them just nine days later after butting heads.

And documents released as part of a blockbuster court battle show that he seemed to goad one planner while giving her the boot, saying several times during a fateful call, “Are you crying?”

The Peltzes hired Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba of Plan Design just six weeks before the Florida ceremony, and are now suing them, claiming they refused to return a $159,000 deposit. Braghin and Grijalba have counter-sued, claiming the family breached their contract.

The court battle has already revealed that Nicola and mom Claudia oversaw a chaotic planning operation filled with all kinds of secrets and scheming and an extremely a demanding bride. It also features a phone call in which Nicola’s dad, who the papers call a “billionaire bully,” seems to taunt the wedding planners after firing them.

According to papers, Nelson called Grijalba to fire her, saying, “I don’t like to have these type of conversations. My wife and my daughter are clearly putting me in a very uncomfortable position.”

He asked her to forward all the planning emails that the pair exchanged with his wife and daughter.

The suits says that Grijalba began to forward some “700 emails” — such an enormous deluge that she claims that IT staff from Peltz’s company Trian Partners called to ask if it was the result of a bug.

Ten minutes later, Grijalba claims she got another call from Nelson, the chairperson of burger chain Wendy’s, in which he bizarrely asked her if she was crying.

The alleged conversation is summarized in the suit:

Peltz: “Are you crying Arianna, Are you crying?

Grijalba: “No, what are you talking about?”

Peltz: “I blocked all your emails. Do you think that was funny?”

Grijalba: “Mr. Peltz, I don’t know why would you block our emails, we are sending all our work for your daughter’s wedding as per your request.”

Peltz again asks, “Are you crying?” and when she says no, he says, “Sooooo.”

When Grijalba says, “Mr. Peltz, you are the one who called me, is there anything else you want to tell me?” he allegedly responded by saying, “I don’t know why I called you,” before hanging up.

The Peltz family ended up hiring Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations to complete the planning job.

Beckham, the son of soccer legend David and fashion star Victoria, wed heiress Peltz in April 2022, in a $3 million affair in Palm Beach that had guests including Serena and Venus Williams and Eva Longoria. 

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