Pharrell Williams’ musical achievements and successful business ventures in the world of music and fashion have led him to an astounding net worth of $200 million. He has been churning out the hits both on the microphone, and behind the scenes, continually refining his craft and stunning fans with his catchy tunes and his sustainability in the industry. Pharrell’s journey through the music industry has involved a variety of different projects and adventures that have led him down the path to financial success. Wealthy Genius reports he has been the catalyst behind some of the music industry’s most influential, chart-topping hits and has truly defined his name as being legendary in his field.

Topping The Charts

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Pharrell has had his hands in a multitude of projects, and among the most lucrative is the one that is the most forward-facing. Simply put, when he has a microphone in his hands and he is creating or performing music, he’s almost guaranteed to be topping the charts and adding huge income to his already impressive earnings.

In spite of the fact that his career has always been successful, he definitely saw the finest success the single Happy, which truly dominated the charts and shattered records. Go Banking Rates reports that Happy “sold more than 1.81 million copies, and Official Charts had crowned it the biggest single of the millennium. The song also made history by dominating six music categories on the Billboard charts, including Adult Pop, Rhythmic Songs and Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop.”

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Producer And Songwriter

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The key to Pharrell’s skyrocketing success has been his diverse ability to excel not just in the world of performing and singing his own hits but his proven ability to also shine behind the scenes, as a producer and song writer. The wild success and impact he has had on the industry behind the scenes is often overlooked and under-appreciated.

He’s not known to praise his own achievements, and has silently been the key to such hits as Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye, as well as Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Green Day. For those who are unaware, his success dates back to the 90s when he was also credited for the success of the smash hit I’ll Make Love To You, by Boyz II Men.

While Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus basked in the glory of the globally successful Blurred Lines, Pharrell quietly cashed in on the song in a huge way, as the co-writer of the hit single which sold 14 million copies and earned well over $16 million worldwide. Pharrell took home a cool $5 million on this single alone.

Fans may not be aware that Pharrell Williams is composed and produced the entire soundtrack for the Despicable Me soundtrack, as well as doing the voiceover for The Grinch.

Money Inc. reports that in 2010 Billboard gave Pharrell the title of Producer Of The Decade, and fans were reminded of the fact that he was responsible for the success of huge hit songs such as Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. He also partnered up with Snoop Dogg on the wildly famous hit single Drop It Like Its Hot.

The Voice

Time spent on the judges panel of The Voice hasn’t just been good for Pharrell’s exposure, it has also done wonders for his income as well. When he stepped in to replace Cee-Lo Green in 2014 his net worth dramatically increased as well. His contract was for a guaranteed $8 million per season, and he has been rumored to have received a pay bump as well.

The Huge Umbrella Of ‘I Am Other’

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Pharrell Williams demonstrated his knack for business when he founded his umbrella company called I Am Other. Through this organization, he operates a broad range of entertainment companies and runs a series of related projects, as well. The corporation operates in the realm of multimedia, music, film and television and even has its own dedicated YouTube channel. Through I Am Other, Pharrell has produced the movie Dope, an internet talk show called ARTST TLK, and has launched His Billionaire Boys Club, Billionaire’s Girl Club, as well as Icecream apparel. He has also released a collection for Uniqlo, as well.

Pharrell Williams has dabbled in the jewelry market by designing accessories for Louis Vuitton and has also create a company called Bionic Yarn which creates yarn from recycled plastic materials.

Of course, as an artist with this level of fame, Williams also enjoys the benefits of lucrative endorsement deals such as his collaborations with Timberland and Adidas, whom he has remained dedicated and loyal to since 2014.

Pharrell Williams remains current in the entertainment industry and is in high demand in all aspects of his career. There’s no doubt that the world can continue to expect more hit music from the artist, and there’s certainly no limit to the potential of his future income.

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