Olivia Rodrigo Debates if Seeing an Ex Is a Bad Idea Right? in Music Video Featuring Tate McRae, Iris Apatow, Madison Hu

Olivia Rodrigo will do anything to see an ex in the new Petra Collins-directed music video for her latest single, “Bad Idea Right?”

The guitar-heavy single, produced by Rodrigo’s main collaborator Dan Nigro, features Rodrigo speak-singing sassy lyrics about wanting to see a former flame, but knowing it’s not the best decision (and maybe not caring).

“Haven’t heard from you in a couple of months/ But I’m out right now and I’m all fucked up/ And you’re callin’ my phone and you’re all alone/ And I’m sensing some undertone,” Rodrigo sings in the first verse. The amped-up chorus repeats over and over, “Seeing you tonight — it’s a bad idea, right?”

The fuzzy video, which looks straight out of the ’90s, opens at a house party where Rodrigo and her real-life best friends Tate McRae, Iris Apatow and Madison Hu are congregating in the bathroom. While wandering (and crowd-surfing) around the party, random attendees confirm to Rodrigo that it’s a “bad idea, right.” But she ignores them all, saying to herself: “Fuck it, it’s fine.” She then begins her journey to said ex’s place: hitchhiking on the back of a truck in the rain and getting splashed by a slushie on public transit until she finally arrives.

The single and video were simultaneously released on Thursday night following Rodrigo’s social media teasers that gave fans a first look at the single’s music video and flirty cover art — a fuzzy photo of the popstar posing behind glass with the song’s pensive title emblazoned across it in red lipstick with kiss marks.

“Bad Idea Right?” is the second single and music video from Rodrigo’s upcoming sophomore album “Guts,” due Sept. 8 via Geffen Records. “Vampire” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Rodrigo the youngest artist to debut three No. 1 hits on the chart behind “Drivers License” and “Good 4 U.”

“Guts” is the follow-up to her 2021 debut “Sour,” and like “Sour,” the 12-song set will be produced by Dan Nigro. “Guts” is said to be a project that will tackle the “growing pains” Rodrigo has experienced since launching into megastardom with her breakout track “Drivers License.”

In a cover story with Variety in August 2021, Rodrigo opened up about what drives her to be so candid about her emotions.

“I definitely talked about my deepest, darkest secrets and insecurities on ‘Sour’ — which is sort of strange to be like, ‘Here, you guys can have this. Anyone who wants to listen to it can listen to it,’” Rodrigo said. “But it’s really empowering when it comes out, and it’s been really awesome for me to see people resonate with that vulnerability and relate to it.”

Watch the official music video below.


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