Optical illusions are a great way to stimulate the brain.

Often brainteasers can leave people scratching their heads for hours or even days.

Now have you ever wondered what it's like to see through your pet's precious eyes?

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The latest puzzle has left Brits seriously stumped ahead of Love Your Pet Day.

TrustedHousesitters, a global pet and housesitting site, are the masterminds behind the mind-bending optical illusion.

It looked at the science behind the eyes of pets and created images for people to discover more about their furry friends.

Animals don't have the same eyes as humans and see the world in a different way.

Now looking at the image, can you guess if it's the eyesight of a dog, cat, bird or rabbit?

The website created an interactive tool which allows people to discover how pets see everyday life.

Angela Laws, community manager of TrustedHousesitters, said: "The bond we share with our pets is so special, and truly understanding how they perceive the moments and life we share with them makes that bond even stronger.

"We created this tool to allow people to learn more about pet vision. From understanding your pet's favourite colour to realising how they see you, it can give owners a newfound understanding of their best friend – furry or feathered."

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Looking for the answer yet? You'll be pleased to know the image is of a cat's eyesight.

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