An OnlyFans model who gained fame for her surgically enhanced body has shared a new video of her kissing her pet pig.

Mary Magdalene, from Toronto, Canada, recently made headlines for begging fans for £8,000 after she "trashed an AirBnb in West Hollywood".

The 25-year-old has become a surgery addict while pursuing a Bimbo look and has had lip fillers, breast augmentation, brow lifts, butt lifts and dental veneers.

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She says she aims to possess the world’s fattest vagina, with the surgeries leaving her genitals looking like “female testicles”.

In a new video she posted on Instagram, the model shows fans what she does to wind down from work.

Sitting in her backyard, Mary pulls out a velvety soft blanket and throws in soft-touch pillows while playing with her four dogs and a pig called Benito.

The model opens a bottle of drink and takes a sip while her lovely pets lie around.

Mary then adjusts her oversized T-shirt and leans over to give Benito a light peck on the snout.

Some of her fans loved to see Mary's animal content and commented on how "cute" her pet is.

"Not you partying with your animals, that's very Mary of you!" one said and another wrote: "This is so lovely! Drinking with pets, top tier!"

Mary previously posted another video showing a "short talk with Benito" while she called out on people being "fake" on social media.

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She gave kisses to Benito and told her pet pig: "Don't worry about them, they are fake. I know I told you."

Benito looks into the camera and gives Mary an "oink".

Mary previously claimed she was removed from a flight because of her 38J breasts, which weigh 1.5 stone.


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