Model Sara Blake Cheek is often seen flaunting her cleavage online in her sexy snaps.

So fans didn't wait long before asking the OnlyFans star if her chest is real or enhanced after she told them they could 'ask her anything' on her Instagram story.

And the 31-year-old, who lives in Florida, was open about her boob job surgery as she answered the query.

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The revelation came as one of Sara's 52,800 Instagram followers probed in the Q&A: "Are your boobs real? Either way they are perfect."

The mum-of-four simply replied to the fan: "They were bought."

However, her fans weren't done there when it came to kinky questions.

Another also wanted to know if she'd had a girl-on-girl experience, as Sara replied: "Yep, you know where to go for that," as she alluded to her OnlyFans page.

A third person also asked the married model what the secret was to 'getting his wife horny all the time'.

"Sounds like you married the wrong wife…" joked Sara.

However, she then added: "Just kidding. But really, I don't know how to help on this one."

Another fan wanted to know what her biggest red flags were in a guy, as Sara told them: "Insecurity, blowing up my phone, constantly checking where I am, easily angry."

While a fifth wanted to know about her workout routine.

Answering this, Sara replied: "I'm having such a hard time getting into a routine.

"I'm really working on clean eating. This industry is hard, I'm very curvy and I want to get in shape!"

The revelations come after Sara was busy celebrating landing an FHM cover.

The mum, who used to run a hair salon, but turned to OnlyFans during the coronavirus pandemic when hairdressers were shut down, said it was a 'middle finger moment' to all her haters.

Sara's children were kicked off their cheerleading and football teams after people found out about her modelling.

She said she now wants to start a 'Milf movement' with her modelling career.


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