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A mind-boggling optical illusion that plays with how the brain understands perspective has left viewers furious with many claiming it can't possibly be "true".

The illusion, which shows three identical cars superimposed on a background of a straight and uphill street, provoked a strong backlash from some people.

Explaining the image, TikTok user @beatonthebeeb says the car furthest up the road appears larger to almost everybody who looks at the image.

"Well what would you say if I told you the cars were all exactly the same size?" he asks.

"Because we all assume the one at the top of the hill is further away your brain artificially enlarges it."

He then says he can "prove they are all the same size" and removes the background.

Without the appearance of the road and the hill, the cars suddenly appear to be identical in height and width.

"Not only are they all the same size, but it's also exactly the same car," he says.

When you accurately measure the cars on the screen while the background is still there, it is also clear that they are the same width despite the background tricking your brain.

There were still people in the comments who denied it was an optical illusion and said the pictures of cars really were different sizes.

One blasted: "You just had its size scaled-down as it moved down don't lie to us."

A second wrote: "Nah they're different sizes but just by a little bit you can still tell after the background is gone."

Someone else joked: "In every optical illusion video there are people in the comments who should not be allowed to vote."

"I no longer trust my eyes," confessed another viewer.

Meanwhile, other people also said the optical illusion became obvious if you viewed it upside-down or even sideways.

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