Our reading, watching, listening and visiting goals for 2023

What’s top of your culture list in 2023?Credit:iStock

Forget fitness, career or finance goals, the most important (and by far the most fun) New Year resolutions to make are those that relate to culture. Is this the year you finally read Sally Rooney’s novels or organise your bookshelf by colour? Maybe you’ll watch every film nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, or buy your first piece of Australian art. We asked actors, writers, journalists and artists to share their watching, listening, reading and visiting goals for 2023.

Nathalie Morris, actor

Bump star Nathalie Morris wants to get back to the theatre.Credit:Manolo Campion

Season three of Bump is on Stan. Stan is owned by Nine, the owner of this masthead.

Jane Harper, author

Novelist Jane Harper will be sorting out her bookshelves in 2023.

Jane Harper’s latest novel is Exiles (Pan Macmillan).

Brenda L Croft, artist

Brenda L. Croft’s major outdoor public artwork, Naabami (thou shall/will see): Barangaroo (army of me), will be at Barangaroo waterfront from January 5 as part of the Sydney Festival.

The resolvers: (top row) Nathalie Morris, Narelda Jacobs, Jane Harper, Brenda L. Croft, (bottom row) Lisa Millar, Suzanne Cotter, Clare Bowditch, Craig Silvey.

Lisa Millar, journalist

Lisa Millar is the co-host of ABC News Breakfast.

Craig Silvey, author

Craig Silvey will finally finish The Count of Monte Cristo.Credit: Daniel James Grant

Craig Silvey’s children’s novel Runtis published by A&U.

Clare Bowditch, singer and writer

Clare Bowditch hopes to see plenty of live music in 2023.

I’ll be honest – I’m not a “big one” for New Year’s resolutions. I’m more of a “make resolutions as desired” kinda gal, and they’re almost always lovely and loose, with lots of room for interpretation and correction as I go.

Clare Bowditch’s memoir Your Own Kind of Girl and Audible original Tame Your Inner Critic are out now.

Narelda Jacobs, journalist

Narelda Jacobs will start the year with a packed schedule of WorldPride events.

Narelda Jacobs (NITV’s The Point, Studio 10, 10 News First Midday) will co-host Sunset Ceremony on NITV and SBS on January 25 at 7.30pm.

Suzanne Cotter, MCA director

MCA director Suzanne Cotter wants to visit more artists in their studios in 2023.Credit:Louie Douvis

Suzanne Cotter is the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

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