A gym bunny has hit out at trolls who accuse her of Photoshopping her booty but is determined to prove it's all down to her hard work.

Camille Carpenter, 26, started going to the gym on a regular basis in 2017 and changed to a protein-rich diet to transform her body.

She learned to exercise properly to maximise her results and through the years, she has built up self-confidence in the gym.

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But she is still hit by negative comments from haters who accuse her of editing photos so she appears to have a peachy bum.

The fitness influencer shows off her flawless body in videos to hit back at the trolls.

Some people have said that "her body isn't real" or that "she just has good genetics".

Others said she was wearing pants that have optical illusions.

In one clip, Camille put on a G-string bikini and turned sideways to show the gains on her hips.

In another, she wore workout leggings to give viewers different angles of her booty transformation.

Camille mentioned on her website: "Through a lot of trial and error, I began to learn new things: exercises, form and what provided the best results.

"The pivotal point in my fitness journey was when I decided to take the step in becoming a certified personal trainer.

"I was eager to learn more! I wanted to learn more of the science and how the body responds to exercise, etc."

Camille now aims to inspire young women who struggle to lose weight or gain muscles and said: "Hard work and consistency are key.

"Recovery days are so important. You don't need to be sore every workout for it to be a 'good workout'.

"And you certainly don't need to spend hours in the gym to see results."


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