People are only just realising how to separate eggs with no mess

A man was stunned to discover a way to separate egg whites and yolks with ease – and people are calling it a "game changer".

Dustin Hadley, from US, found the hack while scrolling through TikTok.

All you need is a garlic clove and he was really impressed by how easy it looked – so was tempted to give it a go himself.

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He said in the now-viral video: "So you're telling me that for 40 years that I've been baking cakes, trying to figure out how to separate the yolk from the white, that I could have been doing this?

"No way…alright, here we go!"

Following the instructions as shown in the original clip, he first peeled a garlic clove and placed it aside.

Then, he cracked an egg inside a bowl.

Instead of separating the yolk using a spoon or an egg shell, he rubbed his fingers on the garlic clove.

Next, he picked up the yolk straight from the bowl.

To his surprise, it stayed intact and separated from the egg white perfectly.

"Talk about a game changer!" Dustin said.

Some fans were shocked to learn the garlic clove hack.

"I’m starting to think garlic can fix anything at this point," one said.

And a second wrote: "Oof..same! I'm gonna try it first thing in the morning."

"What's the science behind this? That's amazing!" a third wondered.

But a woman commented: "It would take me longer to separate and peel the garlic clove than separating the egg with the shell."

And another joked: "Well done and now your cake tastes garlic."

A TikTok user, who claimed to have been trained at culinary school, said: "Wait until you try it without garlic".

He added: "I always just scoop the yolk out with my fingers slightly spread. No garlic needed."

Another said the cake won't taste "garlicky" because the potent aroma is only released when it is crushed or chopped up.


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