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    Drivers are only just realising what the squiggly symbol on their car dashboard means – and it could be costly.

    Some cars have a symbol which will warn you if your engine is overheating and spotting it can save you thousands.

    But the engine cooling warning light has left many people seriously baffled.

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    A lot of motorists might not have realised it before, but being unaware of its true function can be expensive.

    Some have even taken to Twitter to get answers.

    One said: "I'm going to just keep ignoring the squiggly lines light on my dashboard.

    "I don't need no more unexpected bills this month."

    Another added: "What does the symbol that looks like a thermometer/tree in water mean in a car?"

    Meanwhile a few drivers were quick to help out, explaining the true meaning behind the symbol.

    One posted: "Squiggly line under a thermometer symbol – you need to check your coolant ASAP."

    If you're unsure of what the symbol looks like, it resembles a thermometer and has wavy lines at the bottom.

    According to a survey by ATS Euromaster, a whopping 80% of people on the road had no idea what it was for.

    But this light warns motorists the engine temperature is getting too high.

    It's also an indication the car is running low on engine coolant.

    If you don't identify the symbol, the engine could overheat and result in irreparable damage.

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    But there are a few simple steps to follow if drivers notice it while on the road.

    First of all, they must safely pull over to the side of the road and switch off the engine to let it cool down.

    Next the coolant level must be checked to see if more needs to be added.

    If this doesn't fix the problem, the engine may be too damaged to drive.

    At this point, drivers will need to head to a mechanic to assess the problem.

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