People think it's strange I'm friends with my ex-husband

People think it’s strange I’m friends with my ex-husband, but I even went to his wedding – we’re more like siblings now

  • Katie Mathis, 33, from Tennessee went to her ex’s wedding five years after split
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A woman has shared how she happily attended her ex-husband’s wedding to his new wife, even though they went through a very messy divorce.

Katie Mathis, 33, from Tennessee, went through a nasty divorce with her then-husband of six years, Evan, in 2018, but despite this, she ended up being a guest at his next wedding.

The pair decided to call it quits when Katie was 28, and the photographer and social media creator cut ties, but they went on to reconcile after Katie went through a bad breakup that her ex-husband helped her through.

Sharing two daughters together, the pair are more like ‘siblings’ now, and Katie said she was honoured to be invited to her ex-husband’s wedding to his new partner, Megan.

Taking to social media to document their antics, Katie revealed that a lot of people don’t understand their unconventional relationship, but she believes it’s been the best possible outcome for them and especially their children.

Katie Mathis, from Tennessee, and her ex-husband have an unusual relationship. Despite a messy divorce the former couple are super close and she even attended his wedding to new wife Megan. Katie is seen documenting the day of the wedding here.

Evan and his new wife Megan (pictured here on their wedding) invited Katie and her new partner to their nuptials and don’t find it weird at all that he is friends with his ex-wife

Katie (L) and Evan and Megan (R) raise their kids together and the three adults have a great bond raising the children. Katie says her and Evan’s relationship is more like siblings now 

Katie explains: ‘I think people think there is something weird going on and a lot of people have disbelief and say how it’s not possible. People don’t understand what we’re going through – you have to do what you have to do so your kids have great experiences.

‘My ex-husband and his new wife went above and beyond to make me feel honoured at their wedding. I was even a part of the bridal party. I got ready with the bride, and she even got me a robe – it was very sweet.

‘I didn’t find it strange getting invited to the wedding, but I know a lot of people found it strange.

‘The only thing I found strange was that I thought the invitation was given to me because the kids were there and for me to watch them, but then they hired a nanny to watch them instead.

‘My friends and family were happy I was invited, and if anything, they were concerned why they weren’t invited – but it was small, and they all understood, as my ex-husband is such a big part of my life still.

Katie was even part of the bridal party, getting ready with the bride who made her very own robe to be included in the proceedings

Katie (L), one of her daughters, Evan and Megan, regularly hang out together. Katie and Evan reconnected after he helped her get over a bad breakup following their split

Katie and Evan share two daughters (seen here with Katie at the wedding) and they believe this new friendship helps them raise them better

‘It was an amazing day. I went with my partner, and he didn’t find it weird either. I’ve found a gem of a man, and he is so lovely. We all even hung out on Mother’s Day together too.’

After getting married at 22 and divorced at 28, Katie now regularly goes over to her ex’s house and hangs out there with her three kids, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing, and the pair had to go to counselling to work out their issues after a messy push and pull divorce.

She adds: ‘We got together when I was 21 and he was 29 – there was a lot of growth. We realised we were completely different people – he wanted a certain person, and I wasn’t that.

He wasn’t what I wanted either.

‘I got pregnant at 21 and got married at 22, then divorced at 28.

‘The divorce was very typical very push and pull, as we were unsure if it was what we wanted, and at times, we said we would fight through it and stay together for the kids.

‘When it came to the final moment, we both sat down, shook hands and agreed that it was what we had to do.

Evan (R) and Megan (L) tied the knot in front of their friends and family including Evan’s ex-wife Katie and her new partner

Katie is now with a new partner (seen here together at Evan and Megan’s wedding) who is a ‘gem of a man’ and very supportive of their arrangement. She says he doesn’t find it weird at all

‘A lot comes in a divorce process – you want to hold onto what you’re used to. I lived a lavish life, as he is well-off. I wanted to give my kids the same lifestyle they had before, even though I knew I couldn’t.

‘I knew it could be something in the middle. I downsized and made their lives as normal as possible.

‘I was a full-time mother, and now I have to share them. The money and lifestyle was easy to leave but halving the time I had with them was weird.

‘My ex-husband and I are definitely not best friends, people take it the wrong way, and I get people who aren’t very receptive to this, but it’s like having a sibling.

‘When either of us is having a low, we are there to support each other, like when I broke up with my partner, he was there for me and told me, ‘You’ve got through this before and you can do it again.”

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