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A professional pole dancer opened up about how the profession empowered her to make her a stronger woman.

Simona Spataro, 29, from Italy, started pole dancing when she was 21 and said it was a discipline which "always fascinated" her.

She wanted to learn how to work the pole when she was younger, but there were no courses available in the area where she lived.

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Luckily for Simona this all changed in 2014 when she was able to throw herself into learning the sexy art form.

She said it marked the beginning of her "greatest love story".

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Simona said: "Pole dancing boosted my self-confidence.

"It made me realise how important my body is and – with the right training – it can do extraordinary things.

"It also gave a twist to my femininity, to feeling a strong woman and loving what I see in the mirror.

"Honestly – it was love at first spin! In love from the first lesson – it was dazzling!

"Obviously it's not always easy – there are times when you get stuck in some tricks, there are days when the body is tired and doesn't listen to you as much as you would like, but on the pole I found my dimension and learned to enjoy the journey with the pros and cons that go with it."

Simona now has a pole dance studio where she focuses on managing a school and teaching.

The dancer gives lessons all over Italy, and she absolutely loves every moment of it.

She also performs at events and sometimes collaborates with circus companies.

The dancer has a great love for performing which she shows in the TikTok videos she creates for her thousands of followers.

"Pole dancing requires a lot of physical effort but – with the right technique – even the most complex things are easier to manage," she said.

"Before starting pole I was a gymnast, and this undoubtedly helped me a lot with my path as a pole dancer.

"I want to add, however, that you don't necessarily need a background to start this sport.

"I know very strong athletes who did not do any activity before pole."

Simona speaks about pole dancing with grace and passion, but said people have always judged the artform and probably will.

She hopes her work will help to shine a light on the true wonders of pole dancing, and what it can offer women.

For her, the best part of the job is "how she feels on the pole".

Simona said: "When I go up everything else seems to disappear – it's like a bubble where body and mind connect, and let themselves be lulled by the rotation and the sound of the music. It's a real happy dimension.

"This sport also introduced me to many people, and created strong bonds with some of them.

"For many, seeing a woman doing pole has a negative connotation, because they connect her to the strip club.

"I like to say that we are the nieces of the strippers – we owe a lot to the nightclub world.

"We use the pole in a different way, but these are our roots and they deserve respect.

"My goal, in my small way, is to try to open the eyes of those who do not know and judge without knowing.

"Pole dance is a wonderful inclusive world that knows no gender, race, age and sexual orientation.

"We use the pole to express ourselves, to have fun and become stronger and stronger."

Simona also explained the pole enabled her to embrace her femininity and to feel sexy.

Her love for the art allowed her to feel stronger physically.

"It allows me to express my femininity through movement," she added.

"Especially when I practice exotic pole dance."


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