A model has transformed her body with a crystal bikini which she says turns her body into “art” via tanning, but spending too much time in the sun can have dangerous consequences.

Playboy star Luana Sandien, from Brazil, applied crystal body art onto her curves before basking in the sun.

She shared the photoshoot on Instagram where she claimed it leaves natural tan lines which turned her body into an art piece.

The molded crystals have the same effect as tanning tape where the skin which is uncovered becomes darker while the covered skin remains pale.

This creates a patterned design on Luana’s body which will fade as her tan does.

Luana said: “I felt a lot lighter and it will be a novelty for women in the summer.

"It is possible to transform our body into a natural work of art, a brand without a tattoo, only with tanning markings."

But, tanning is not recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Their website reads: “Tanning outside or indoors can have dangerous consequences.

“While often associated with good health, the ‘glow’ of a tan is the very opposite of healthy; it’s evidence of DNA injury to your skin.

“Tanning damages your skin cells and speeds up visible signs of ageing.

“Worst of all, tanning can lead to skin cancer.”

You should always wear a high SPF sunscreen when in the sunshine and avoid direct exposure for extended periods.

In the Playboy model’s photos Luana applied the crystals around her breasts, abdomen, and even her bum and privates.

Luana added: “Imagine the result of the brands when I remove the applications.

“They will be perfect marks to debut even on a nudist beach.”

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The Playboy model has previously sparked outrage by posing topless in a Dubai desert wearing only white open trousers and a headscarf for an Instagram photoshoot.

She hit back at trolls accusing her of insulting the law.

Luana said: "It was one of the best pictures I've ever taken, but I didn't mean to embarrass anyone.

"I was careful to cover my breasts with my hands, knowing that in the country it is forbidden to be naked, and even so I was threatened by haters”

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