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‘Is he single?’ Swifties swoon over policeman who swapped bracelets with a 7-year-old Taylor Swift fan outside a concert

  • Policeman takes the time to swap bracelets with seven-year-old Scarlett Woods
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An unlikely exchange between a US policeman and a seven-year-old girl has sent social media users wild.   

Scarlett Wood was queuing to get into the Taylor Swift concert in Detroit, Michigan when she saw a policeman on patrol wearing a number of friendship bracelets on his wrists.

Speaking to local TV station WZZM13 News, Scarlett said: ‘There was a long line, so we were in the shade coloring.

‘It’s when I saw people trading with the police officer. So I wanted to do it, too.’

Captured on camera by Scarlett’s family and posted to TikTok, the undeniably cute moment sees the towering Trooper Justin Roberts crouch down so the young Taylor Swift fan can not only peruse his bracelets but actually choose the one she wants. 

In the undeniably cute exchange at the Taylor Swift concert in Detroit, Michigan, policeman Justin Roberts lets seven-year-old Scarlett Wood select the bracelet that she wants 

Having helped Scarlett pick a bracelet by suggesting a purple one that would match her dress, Trooper Justin Roberts can be seen placing it on her wrist 

When Scarlett struggles to pick one, the patient policeman gently encourages her asking ‘What’s your favorite song?’ 

Noticing the color of Scarlett’s dress, he then suggests she selects a matching purple bracelet — and she happily agrees. 

Captioned ‘Swiftie cops, so sweet and patient with her,’ the clip showing the adorable interaction has already been viewed 6.5 million times and has received 1.3 million likes. 

The moment clearly captured the hearts of TikTokers, with over 4,000 of them leaving comments below the video post. 

One user wrote: ‘Well this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.’

Another, already a few steps ahead, said: ‘I just wanna know if this man is single bc omg my heart melted.’

A third woman agreed, exclaiming: ‘This is so attractive’. 

A very proud Marge Mathews stated simply: ‘That’s my son’.

Over 4,000 people posted comments beneath the clip capturing the exchange between Trooper Justin Roberts and Scarlett Wood, all in praise of the policeman’s actions

A fifth TikTok user was especially touched by the attention Trooper Justin Roberts gave Scarlett, writing: ‘The way he picked one that matched her outfit’. 

Another person was encouraged by the policeman’s actions: ‘This makes me have more hope for there actually being good cops out there in the world’.  

Swapping friendship bracelets at Taylor Swift concerts has become popular among the singer’s fans, perhaps spurred by the lyric ‘Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it’ in the song ‘You’re On Your Own Kid’. 

Speaking to the news station, Leah Wood, Scarlett’s mum, said: ‘ thought it was very nice of him to be so patient with her.

‘He seemed like a really great guy.’  

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