Poundland shoppers in hysterics over very saucy Valentine’s Day cards

POUNDLAND has released a range of very saucy Valentine’s Day cards – and shoppers are in hysterics.

The cheeky cards feature sexual innuendos and some very rude gestures.

One card shows two fried eggs with the line: “I’m so glad I cracked onto you.”

Another card shows two boiled eggs and the words: “I want to dunk my solider in you.”

Cheekier cards include the phrase: “You ARE my to do list.”

And a fourth says: “I love you with all my willy.”

One mum said she was left in stitches are spotting the card collection in her local Poundland while shopping with her 12-year-old daughter.

Posting pictures of the cards to the Poundland Appreciation Society Facebook group, Emma Lou said: “Wasn't expecting to see this and neither was my 12-year-old as she starting laughing in the middle off the shop.

“Gosh have a laugh at these at my local Poundshop. Get your Valentine's cards people. Who said romance is dead?”

Replying to her post, one person said: "Omg they're fantastic!"

Another said: "I'm absolutely creased!"

A third replied: "These made my morning!"

We've asked Poundland to confirm if the cards, which cost £1 each, are in all stores nationwide and we'll update this article when we know more.

Poundland has around 800 shops in the UK – you can find your nearest by using its store locator tool.

Poundland first launched its cheeky cards back in 2018 but with different designs, including this "reusable" card for last-minute lovers.

The hilarious cards come after Poundland confirmed it has brought back its £1 engagement rings.

The bargain jewellery sparked a debate on social media in 2019, when they launched in time for Valentine's Day.

If these cards are too cheeky for you, we've rounded up ways to send Valentine's Day cards for free to your other half.

It comes as the average spend on Valentine's Day spend is a whopping £52. 

Poundland is temporarily closing 44 shops during lockdown – see the full list here.

In more Poundland news, the discounter has released a new beauty range – and fans reckon it’s a dupe for Lush.

Shoppers are raving about Poundland £1 lavender pillow spray "that helps you fall asleep".

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