Primark fan transforms £4 bra into sexy lace bralette like Victoria’s Secret

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A nifty DIY fan has wowed viewers with a simple trick to transform her £4 Primark bra into a luxury lingerie.

Ella wrote on TikTok that she had bought a red lace patterned bra from the budget retail giant but has never worn it because it was "way too padded".

She gave it a makeover and the result left viewers amazed, with some comparing it to a Victoria's Secret bra.

In the video, Ella cuts up the fabric from the cup using a pair of scissors and removes the thick padding.

As she takes out the white foam out, it reveals a beautiful lace pattern.

After a few cuts and stitches, the padded bra turns into a soft-cup bralette.

Ella added: "Actually came out really nice and it was like £4 or something."

She mentioned that the padding underneath the lace was "horrible like concrete hard rock".

Viewers who have bought lingerie from Primark shared the same thought and said to give it a go.

One wrote: "I have the exact same bra. I'm going to try this right now.

"I've done one side and yes I can confirm it works, just make sure you have a sharp pair of scissors."

Another said: "Okay Primark is the new cheap Victoria's Secret."

Ella even gave tips, adding: "It's really easy. Just cut the first layer and cut till you get to the red layer under the foam.

"Then just cut it all out and be careful to not cut the lace and trim the edges so it's neat.

"Just go slowly and make sure your scissors don't poke through."

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