Princess Kate exudes confidence and shows rare trait

Kate Middleton meets Iceland chairman Richard Walker

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The Princess of Wales has been busy in recent days and weeks raising awareness of her new Shaping Us campaign, which aims to spotlight the importance of early childhood. In her latest video, Kate spoke to food retailer Iceland’s Executive Chair Richard Walker about her campaign. Body language expert Judi James analysed the clip and claimed that Kate seemed very confident throughout her and Mr Walker’s conversation.

She told “To realise the levels of confidence this short clip took to present we do need to notice how contrived the scenario is.

“This is Kate waiting for the guy to walk into shot in an empty supermarket before making an unnatural greeting ritual look natural despite the fact they would have already been introduced and probably chatted prior to filming.

“She then has to lead the conversation like a professional presenter and deliver quite a weighty chunk of script with no apparent access to autocue.

“She also has to make her message sound off-the-cuff and inject some congruent signals of fresh enthusiasm in there despite the fact that there would probably have had to be more than one take.

“Her ability to take the ‘lead’ role like this, rather than being interviewed or chatted to as most of the other royals tend to be on their appearances, does show high levels of confidence and skill that are rare in the Royal Family.

“Camilla still has to have an interview coaxed out of her by an off-camera producer but Kate looks happy taking charge of the whole show.”

Judi went on to say that Kate is so confident that she is even able to put Mr Walker at ease.

She said: “There are even some modesty signals from her to help make the businessman feel less nervous.

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“She self-diminishes slightly as she greets him and she keeps her dimpled smile in place as she speaks.

“She avoids long bouts of intimidating eye contact by looking away to her right as she thinks and speaks and this also makes her delivery of her lines look more natural.

“Unlike many big names who try their hand at interviewing or presenting, Kate’s emotional goals seem to be to help the other person to relax rather than focusing on her own feelings and performance.”

Judi added that Kate could be confident and comfortable here because she is passionate about her project.

She claimed: “Part of Kate’s confidence seems to come from the exact right place though, which is her enthusiasm for her message.

“The first rule of good communication is to sell your message to yourself first.

“Kate looks totally passionate about her cause and that comes across in her delivery.

“Her hand gestures form cupping shapes that combine creative thinking with a desire to persuade.”

Kate looked chic in the new video as she wore a smart casual outfit of a blazer and jeans.

Her cream-coloured blazer was from Zara and is still available to buy on the fashion retailer’s website for £69.99.

The royal donned a matching cream t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans. It is likely she completed the look with a pair of trainers.

Kate also sported dainty, drop earrings and, of course, her sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

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