Princess Kate ‘parents Prince Louis perfectly’

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The Wales’ children were being watched by the world at Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee last summer, and during the concert, Prince Louis stole the show with his cheeky gestures. Former Norland nanny Sarah Carpenter spoke about Kate, Princess of Wales’ response to her youngest son who seemed to enjoy playing up to the cameras.

Kate received some negativity about Louis’ antics and Sarah commented: “That’s so sad, that people would be negative about it, because actually, if anything, it’s reassuring that she is clearly parenting perfectly, and making that little boy feel so comfortable that he can behave like that.

“And that’s what you’d rather see than a child who doesn’t feel comfortable in a situation.

“Louis, and Charlotte and George, on that particular public event, were clearly so comfortable and so happy.

“I thought it was just lovely to see what lovely children they look like they are.”

Sarah also said: “Children are children aren’t they, it doesn’t matter what walk of life they come from, they will always pick a moment to show their true characters. I think it’s lovely, they’re real people.”

She did say there are “separate ways of taking care of children depending on if their oldest, middle or youngest” because you “can’t parent all three the same”.

Rather the parent and nanny have to “be able to hone in on each child’s personality and needs, [and] work with the individual child”.

Sarah also discussed what it would be like for Maria Borrallo, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ royal nanny to work with such a high-profile family.

She said Maria would be “part of absolutely everything” including teaching the children about royal protocols. The “parents are [also] very involved” in the nannying, and the nanny will “identify the important things for the parents”.

The former nanny said Maria would also have to “learn a lot” and would “support the whole unit”.

“Every parent has their own style, and as a nanny you compliment that and assist,” Sarah said, adding it’s “all about working together”.

Sarah, who did her training back in 1997, said the “course has changed a lot” since she was a student, noting it now includes a “dangerous driving course” which she didn’t do.

Norland nannies are also “briefed on paparazzi” but the course is mainly “about the children”.

Sarah said to be a Norland nanny you must have a “nurturing side” and complete “discretion and confidentiality”.

“In order to fully qualify, you have to do live-in nannying, [where you learn to] respect someone else’s home and living in their space,” she added. This then “sets us apart from a normal nanny”, she told A Right Royal Podcast.

Maria Borrallo started working with William and Kate in 2014 when Prince George was around eight months old.

Since the Prince and Princess of Wales moved to Windsor, living in the four-bedroom Adelaide Cottage, Maria no longer lives with them, The Telegraph reported.

Instead, she is said to look after them before and after school.

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