Princess Marie-Chantal Miller Got $200 Million Dowry When Marrying Crown Prince of Greece

Getting married can be a complicated process for anyone, but for royal family members, it takes the situation to a new level entirely. There are so many things that are involved, and they all must get figured out behind the scenes before the couple heads to the altar to say “I do.” Typically, there are quite a few financial aspects to sort out, and high-profile individuals, especially those who have ties to royalty, are not going into the marriage with small bank accounts.

Being worth millions, if not billions, of dollars is not something that anyone takes for granted, and having a family fortune to take into consideration is not something that the average person has to deal with. Usually, those who are known as “commoners” build their wealth together, but, as anyone can imagine, this is just not the case for royal family members. Now, we have discovered that Princess Marie-Chantal Miller got a $200 million dowry when she married the Crown Prince of Greece.

Who are Princess Marie-Chantal Miller and Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece?

Marie-Chantal Miller has a life that just about anyone would be envious of. Born in 1968, she is the daughter of Robert Warren Miller and María Clara Pesantes Becerra and is better known as the creator of an international childrenswear brand called Marie-Chantal. The now-princess led an extraordinary life, having spent time growing up first in Hong Kong, then Switzerland, before finally beginning her studies at New York University. She didn’t finish, however, mainly due to the fact that she got a marriage proposal from her future husband, Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece. According to Vanity Fair, the prince popped the question while the couple was atop a ski lift on Christmas vacation in 1994. They were married a short time later, in a royal wedding that, as anyone would expect, was nothing short of spectacular.

The royal marriage

A royal marriage is amazing in so many ways and is unlike what most people are used to. The wedding of Princess Marie-Chantal Miller and Prince Pavlos was extravagant, to say the least, taking place at St Sophia’s Cathedral in Bayswater, London. According to Vogue, the bride wore a stunning gown encrusted with pearls that featured a four-meter train and was handmade by 25 seamstresses over the course of four months. It was July 1, 1995, when the couple officially exchanged vows as they were greeted by a crowd of fans and welcomed to the venue by Greek dancers who provided a traditional guard of honor. The bride was radiant and the groom waved to well-wishers as they exited the cathedral after becoming husband and wife, with their brand-new titles of Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. How exciting!

Princess Marie-Chantal Miller got a $200 million dowry when marrying the Crown Prince of Greece

In any marriage, each person brings something of value, whether it is monetary or sentimental, and royal weddings are no different. It is as if the wedding was meant to be, with the princess saying that “We clicked. It was love at first sight. I knew that he was the person I would marry.” The strong feelings were mutual, and Marie-Chantal Miller also received from her father, Robert Miller, a $200 million dowry, enough to make anyone’s jaw drop. As if that wasn’t extravagant enough, the family hosted lavish celebrations like no other, proving that no expense would be spared for the royal wedding. Everything was perfectly fitting for the marriage and is just what anyone would expect for the Crown Prince and Princess of Greece. 

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