PSA: The Apple Watch Series 6 Is on Sale for $60 Off Right Now

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean there aren’t great sales still happening. Apple is notorious for rarely discounting iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, and Apple Watches, which is why you’re in for a treat today. Apple’s last Series 6 Watch is on sale at Walmart for $60 off. The price for a new Apple Watch Series 6 normally begins at $399, but you can get it for $339 today only. The stylish accessory is a smart purchase if you already have an iPhone, and it’s easily compatible with other Apple products.

The Apple Watch Series 6 has significant upgrades that set it apart from the older Series 4 and Series 5 options. Best Products reviewed the watch when it was released in September 2020 and found that it offers significantly more features than its predecessors, making it the best smartwatch on the market right now. Competitors like Fitbit and Samsung sell their own versions, but they pale in comparison to Apple’s. The only advantage the other companies have is a lower price, but this sale makes the Series 6 definitely worth the extra $$. It’s a markdown that might not happen again for months.

You might wonder why you need the newest option when there are older versions for sale. Well, the Series 6 is Apple’s first watch to include a blood oxygen sensor that monitors the oxygen saturation in your blood via LED lights. There’s also an accurate heart rate sensor with ECG capabilities. ECG, or commonly known as EKG, records the electrical signal from your heart to check for different heart conditions.

The Apple Watch Series 6 can also serve as a reminder to exercise in order to keep your blood pumping. Taking care of yourself feels like a full-time job sometimes, especially when almost a year of quarantining has made many of us feel unmotivated, so invest in a device that will make it easier.

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