QC asks Twitter to make a photo of him in his wig and gown look ‘Chirstmassy’ and people oblige with hilarious results – including putting him in the Virgin Mary’s arms, on the cover of Die Hard and flying with The Snowman

  • The QC, who tweets under @DavidMuttering, posted a photo of himself bewigged and outside court and asked people to make the image ‘Christmassy’  
  • Twitter didn’t fail him: within hours dozens of festive memes had been posted 
  • One Photoshopper put the barrister in the arms of the Virgin Mary, while another merged his head onto the body of a woman wearing a sexy Santa outfit
  • David, who has more than 25,000 followers, responded to the photos, saying: ‘I now have the joyously onerous task of choosing a new profile pic’ 

A QC who tweeted a photo of himself wearing traditional court robes and asked people to make it more ‘Christmassy’ has seen the image hilariously transformed. 

The senior barrister, clearly a fan of the festive season, was rewarded with memes that saw him being cradled by the Virgin Mary, replacing Bruce Willis in Die Hard and posing with East 17 on the cover of their festive perennial tune Stay Another Day.

QC David, who tweets as @DavidMuttering and has more than 25,000 followers, posted the snap of himself outside court wearing formal clothing and his wig yesterday. 

He wrote: ‘I’m about to ask a very stupid question. Can someone with some photoshop skills make my profile photo Christmassy?’ 

He added, with probably the correct amount of foresight: ‘I’m going to regret this.’

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Make me Christmassy! The QC, who tweets under the handle @DavidMuttering, posted a photo of himself outside court asking if people could make this image a little more festive – and oblige they did

Still wearing the wig! The QC is whisked above snowy rooftops in a reimagining of Raymond Briggs’ 1982 classic The Snowman

If Jesus was a barrister: The Virgin Mary cradles the QC in this interesting festive scene

Bruce Willis stands back to let the QC shine in a meme of  leftfield festive favourite Die Hard

And he looks good amongst Walthamstow’s finest East 17 in a reworked version of Stay Another Day, the band’s 1994 smash

The Muppets Christmas Carol sees the bewigged QC looking right at home with a period cast

However, almost a day later, the legal whizz was rewarded with dozens of festive images – some better than others, and some a little racier than he might have wanted. 

One PhotoShopper put the barrister’s head onto the body of a woman in a sexy Santa outfit, while another landed him right at the top of a decorated tree.

Elsewhere, he appeared in The Muppets Christmas Carol, with the formal wig looking right at home with the period cast. 

Another saw him replacing actor Bill Nighy in a promo shot for 2003’s Love Actually, which he liked, calling it: ‘A Rose Amongst Christmas Thorns. Or something.’ 

Perhaps not what he had in mind: David finds his head merged onto the body of a woman in a sexy Santa suit

Love Actually: One PhotoShopper replaced actor Bill Nighy with the QC instead

The mischievous elf was also used as inspiration (left) while, right, a cheeky meme-maker add a urinating Santa to the original image

Definitely Christmassy! One creative sort put a tree over the QC’s courtroom robes

Neither a fairy, nor a star…the QC also ended up at the top of a very tall tree

A few baubles, some festive lights…and the job’s done. Right: a quick sketch certainly meets the brief

Responding to the avalanche of memes, saying: ‘People are just brilliant. Thank you, Twitter.

He added: ‘The response to this has been amazing – and I’m delighted that it’s cheered so many people. I now have the joyously onerous task of choosing a new profile pic.’ 

One amused fan of the work suggested a calendar might be next, writing: ‘I think you need to do a calendar, The Twelve Daves of Christmas.’

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