In 2016, the late Queen Elizabeth II posed for her 60th birthday portrait with her two youngest grandchildren, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, and all her great-grandchildren that were born by that time. This included Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Savannah Phillips, Isla Phillips, and Mia Tindall.

Eagle-eyed royal watchers may have spotted something unusual about little Mia, who at the time was just two years old.

Mia, now nine years old, was wearing a light pink cardigan, a blue skirt, white frilly socks and some black pumps.

But it was what she was holding that was the most mysterious part of her outfit.

Mia could be seen holding one of the late Queen’s black Launer London handbags, a brand that held the royal warrant and supplied Her Late Majesty with almost all of her handbags.

But why was Mia holding this special accessory? Her dad Mike Tindall told Good Morning Britain: “It just happened at the right time. She was being a bit naughty.

“The Queen got it quite right when she told her ‘Just hold the handbag now’ and she did that. It ended up being a great photo of her.

“It just turned out to be the right photo at the right time and it will be something we’ll always cherish, I think.”

Sandra Trew, a parenting coach, spoke to to explain what techniques Mia’s parents, Zara and Mike, use as parents to Mia, as well as her younger siblings Lena, four, and Lucas, one.

She said: “Mia Tindall, Zara and Mike’s eldest child, seems like such an ordinary young girl with a great sense of humour (e.g. poking Prince George on Christmas Day).

“How have Zara and Mike ensured she stays normal and grounded whilst still a royal? Zara and Mike used their experiences and knowledge based on their upbringing to create their family lifestyle.”

According to the expert, great parenting involves a “strong connection” with your child.

Ms Trew explained: “They have built a strong connection with their eldest child Mia Tindall, allowing them to parent in a positive but down-to-earth way.

“They have allowed Mia to be a child behind closed doors. This is apparent in her behaviour in public.

“They have set moderate boundaries from birth, which has become the norm for Mia.”

According to the expert, Mia will have a lot of balance growing up as an extended member of the Royal Family.

Ms Trew continued: “She is aware of her duties and responsibilities as a royal child and has a sense of acceptance.

“But she also has the understanding she can play and be a child in the comfort of their home.

“Zara and Mike have a good connection with each other. They have remained consistent throughout their children’s lives.

“This has had a massive impact on them,” the expert told

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