Red-faced Aldi shopper uses key hack to unlock trolley and quickly regrets it

A woman was left red faced when she tried a viral 'key hack' to unlock an Aldi trolley.

Samm Pinkoff, from Florida, US, said TikTok influencers "lied" about the hack when she failed to unlock the trolley and struggled to remove her house key.

She shared the embarrassing blunder during her trip to Aldi supermarket, saying: "Using a key at Aldi's and not a quarter, I saw this on TikTok about Aldi and now my house key is f***ing stuck.

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"They lied, I got my key stuck and had to tell Aldi employee 'I saw a TikTok and wanted to try it', don't try it!"

The TikToker was hit with waves of criticism for ruining her house key.

"Just go in the shop and ask them for a quarter, they will give you one," one recommended.

Another said: "Common sense just don't exist anymore these days."

A third added: "You're supposed to use the other end – the round end."

Samm then explained in her follow-up post to justify her act.

"I had a quarter in my car but I got out of my car and rushed because I was doing an Instacart order," she said.

"I forgot the quarter but the key would work because I have seen the viral video before – I didn't know which way to put the key in because it's been a while since I watched it on TikTok."

When she realised her key was stuck in the cart, a fellow shopper helped her to get a member of staff.

She continued: "He came out and we were all laughing – he got my key out and I went back to my car and grabbed the quarter.

"He said he could offer me a quarter and said 'TikTok, you know….'

"The point is I did it because I saw this trend and I thought it was funny, I was just doing trends."

Aldi has previously warned shoppers not to use the "key hack".

A spokesperson said: "We recommend that our shoppers continue using gold coins to unlock their trolleys. Other objects may become stuck or damaged.

"Our trolley tokens can be purchased at the register. Even better, they double as key rings so you can be sure to never forget it."


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