Resurfaced video shows ‘flirtatious’ Meghan pre-Harry

On the town with Meghan Markle

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Body language expert Judi James has analysed a resurfaced Meghan Markle interview which shows what her life was like “pre-Harry”. In an exclusive interview with the Express, Judi claimed Meghan acted like a social media influencer to create a bond with viewers in the video.

The video clip of Meghan was taken in 2015, one year before she met Prince Harry. It gives a glimpse into the Duchess’s life before she became royalty.

The video was made in collaboration with Canadian luxury department store, Holt Renfrew, and walks the viewer through a day in the life of Meghan when she was an actress living in Toronto, Canada.

It begins with Meghan leaving a hotel while looking at her phone and sipping a coffee before she pretends to notice the interviewer and cheerfully greets them. She tells the audience she is about to show them her “favourite spots” in Toronto.

After watching Meghan’s interview, Judi – a leading body language and social behaviour expert – said: “Meghan is full of positive energy and asides to the camera. As she shows us around her ‘favourite places’ she deserves an Oscar for the first few seconds of the video alone, when she emerges from revolving doors sipping coffee and studying her phone to pretend to be totally surprised as she is greeted by the camera.”

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She said: “Her technique is to make us, her audience, feel we have been waiting outside to surprise her, as she immediately engages in a very personal dialogue with the camera, inviting us to follow her using signals of collusion and friendship.

The old video shows Meghan giving the audience a tour of the Shangri-La hotel, which she says is her “favourite” due to the spa area. Meghan also tours Soho House, which she describes as “The Tig headquarters”, where she wrote articles for her blog at the time.

The Tig was Meghan’s blog, which ran before she met Harry, and it is set for a comeback. The Duchess’s former friend Nick Ege Nick compared the site, which covered food, travel, fashion & beauty to columns written by fictional journalist Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City.

In the collaborative video, Meghan shops at Kensington Market while holding a bouquet of flowers, and visiting the bakery, fishmonger, and butcher shop. She chitchats about the area to the audience and says: “Anything when you’re supporting local farmers and artisans, you have to do that. It’s just the best.”

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Judi said: “Looking at Meghan’s pre-Harry pitch to her audience we can see she’s very much into positioning herself as their best friend, in the same way, that influencers will often try to create a one-to-one virtual bond with their websites.”

The video shows Meghan taking photos with fans of the television series Suits, and modelling outfits for the interview before it ends at her favourite restaurant, the Harbord Room. Meghan ends the video continuing to chat and says she had her birthday party at the restaurant with her castmates from Suits.

Judi said: “(Meghan’s) body language as we are shown around by her ranges from sweet and friendly to fashion-spread flirtatious as she flicks and preens her hair and poses elegantly in several different outfits.”

The body language expert added: “It’s like going around with your most beautiful, high-achieving friend and sitting in awe as she shows that she is good at absolutely everything.”

A media expert has warned Meghan must “take public sentiment towards her into account” before relaunching The Tig.

Former journalist and PR expert Jordan James is the founder of Unlockd PR who has worked with over 3,000 brands in the UK and US, including Britney Spears.

He said: “The biggest hurdle I see Meghan facing is trying to separate perceptions towards The Tig from the perceptions of her, Prince Harry, and the ensuing Royal Family drama which dominate the headlines with every TV appearance, project, or book, whether she wants it to or not.

“With the court of public opinion swinging both ways towards the Sussexes, The Tig could easily ignite more tensions, but it could also go some way to improving her public image.”

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