RHOC recap: Tamra Judge claims newbie Jennifer Pedrantis boyfriend wanted to f—k her

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Tamra Judge claimed that Jennifer Pedranti’s boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, wanted to hook up with her during Wednesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Judge was gossiping with co-stars Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador when the topic of Pedranti’s relationship came up. She said their mutual friend, Heather Amin, spilled the beans to her.

“She told me he [Boyajian] walked into my gym, and he pointed at me and said, ‘I’m gonna f–k her,’” Judge told a stunned Beador and Dubrow.

Although Amin informed him that Tamra, 55, was married to Eddie Judge, she claimed Pedranti’s boyfriend replied, “Watch me, I’m gonna f—k her.”

Tamra — who called Boyajian a “town whore” —alleged that he made the declaration just two months before he began dating her friend.

The next day, Beador, 56, pulled Tamra aside and encouraged her to tell Pedranti, 45, what she heard.

The “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast host did eventually confront Jennifer after she accused Tamra of “fueling” rumors about her romance with Boyajian, 46, while she was still married to her ex-husband, Will Pedranti.

Jennifer previously denied having a physical affair, but admitted to having an emotional one.

“I think that I have some built-up resentment,” Tamra screamed at Jennifer during a group dinner. “Because when Ryan walked into my gym for the very first time, he looked at me and said, ‘I’m gonna f—k her!’”

Jennifer appeared confused and asked why Tamra had never shared this allegation before, to which she shot back, “Because it’s kind of disgusting, and my husband doesn’t know.”

She also accused Jennifer of having a physical relationship with Boyajian while she was married, claiming that she “showed up to a parking lot and caught” the two of them together.

Jennifer vehemently denied Tamra’s allegations and said that Boyajian was just giving her a congratulatory gift for opening her business.

“At this point, believe it or not — it does not matter to me — I had never even held Ryan’s hand, never,” Jennifer insisted. She later added that was same night she told Will she was “done” with their marriage.

Several of the women argued over whether Jennifer’s actions were justified or not. Before the situation got too heated, Tamra pulled Jennifer aside to address her fears over Boyajian.

“The bottom line is I’m worried … about you leaving your family for Ryan. I just don’t want him to f—king cheat on you,” Tamra confessed, referring to Boyajian’s infidelity in past relationships.

Tamra then dropped a second bombshell, claiming Boyajian sent a “d—k pic” via Snapchat to Amin while he was dating Jennifer.

“I was there,” Jennifer said in response to the allegation. “We were on the plane, and we were facing each other, it was in his contacts … whatever and he [accidentally] hit Heather.”

Although she clarified that he “meant to send that d–k pic” to her, Tamra asked why he would send her that photo when they were together. Jennifer quipped, “He’s just being funny.”

“I don’t buy what Jenn is saying,” Tamra said in a confessional. “I think that she’s covering for Ryan. What 45-year-old man is sending Snapchats of their d—k to anybody?”

Tamra continued interrogating Jennifer and wanted to know the caption he used for the snap in question.

“It was like a hand, ‘Me and my limp d miss you,’” Jennifer recalled, to which Tamra nodded in agreement.

Tamra seemed content with the explanation and emphasized that she just wants her friend to be in a “happy” relationship.

However, Jennifer later admitted she does occasionally get nervous about her boyfriend’s past.

“Ryan has never been able to commit to one person, so do I judge him on the way he lived? No. Do I appreciate that he shows up in our relationship and is faithful to me? Yes,” she admitted in a confessional.

“But is there a little bit of, ‘F–k I hope he doesn’t do that?’ Yeah, there is.”

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Boyajian has yet to address the allegations against him, but said in a preview for next week’s episode that Tamra’s claim is “not an accurate statement.”

Jennifer and Boyajian appear to be going strong after their recent vacation in the Bahamas with her children.

She was previously married to Will for 18 years before they separated in 2021. They share five children together: Harrison, 18, Dawson, 15, Greyson, 13, Everleigh, 11, and Dominic, 8.

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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