"I want to believe that it's because Chris thought it was cool to be Belushi"

Rob Schneider says Bill Murray “hated” several notable “Saturday Night Live” cast members back when he hosted the show in the ’90s.

While appearing on Thursday’s episode of SiriusXM’s “Jim Norton & Sam Roberts,” the comedian recalled Murray’s allegedly extreme dislike of “SNL” stars, specifically Adam Sandler and Chris Farley.

As for Farley in particular, Schneider, 58, shared his theory on why Murray allegedly “hated” him “with a passion.”

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The “SNL” alum brought up Murray after Norton spoke about how “Jaws” star Robert Shaw was reportedly difficult on the set of the Steven Spielberg film.

“That’s the same thing with Bill Murray,” Schneider said. “I won’t say who the filmmaker was, but [he said] Bill Murray is gonna come, he’s gonna change the … dialogue. He’s gonna change things, and it’s gonna be great, but you don’t know who you’re gonna get, which Bill Murray you’re gonna get: The nice Bill Murray [or] you’re gonna get the tough Bill Murray. He’s super nice to fans. He wasn’t very nice to us. He wasn’t very — he hated us on ‘Saturday Night Live’ when he hosted. Absolutely hated us. I mean, seething.”

When Roberts followed up by asking “why” he believes Murray allegedly “hated” the “SNL” cast, Schneider replied, “Now that I’m older, I feel like, you know, because he hated Chris Farley with a passion. Like, he [was] just seething looking at him.”

“The Hot Chick” star said he thinks Murray’s alleged disdain for Farley stemmed from the late comedian following in the steps of Murray’s friend and original “SNL” cast member, John Belushi, who died in 1982 at the age of 33 from drug intoxication. Similarly, Farley passed away due to a drug overdose in 1997, also at the age of 33.

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“I don’t know exactly,” Schneider said, “but I want to believe that it’s because Chris thought it was cool to be [John] Belushi — who [was Murray’s] friend who he saw die — that he thought it was cool to be that out of control.”

“That’s my interpretation, but I don’t really know,” he added. “I don’t believe it. I only believe it 50%.”

The “Grown Ups” star said that while Murray “hated all” of them, he claimed the “Ghostbusters” star disliked him the “least.”

“The least of the hate was to me,” Schneider said. “I took great pleasure in that he hated me less. Because he’s my hero.”

When asked how he knew Murray allegedly “hated everyone on the set,” Schneider noted, “You just saw the way he looked at [them], and it was just naked rage, you know?”

Schneider went on to recall how much Murray apparently disliked Sandler, saying, “I mean he hated Sandler. Really hated Sandler, too. Murray. Hated him.”

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“He just wasn’t into that groove of it, you know?” he added. “And Sandler was just committed to it, and just like as soon as he would get on, you could see the audience just ate him up, you know? Which also really irritated Al Franken.”

Schneider joined “SNL” as a writer in 1988, before later becoming a cast member in 1990. He appeared on the show until Season 19 in 1994. Farley and Sandler were also cast members at the time.

As for Murray, he was a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” from 1976 to 1980, and later went on to host the show five times, including twice in 1981, 1987, 1993 and 1999. The actor also made cameo appearances in 1994, 2008 and 2016.

While Schneider didn’t share any specifics on Thursday regarding the exact time Murray’s alleged behavior took place, it’s worth noting that Murray’s appearance as host in February 1993 was the only time he hosted in which he, Murray, Farley and Sandler were all on the show together.

TooFab has reached out to Murray’s reps for comment.

Schneider’s comments about Murray come after actress Geena Davis recently detailed Murray’s alleged “difficult” behavior on the set of the 1990 film, “Quick Change” in her new memoir, including an allegedly unpleasant first encounter with Murray in a hotel suite. See what she had to say, here.

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