Rosalía’s Motomami Concert Recreated by YouTuber in Peru After Her Tour Skipped the Country

It’s always a bummer when an in-demand artist skips your city while on tour. Such was the case for Peru, who missed out on Rosalía’s highly acclaimed “Motomami” trek that hit 15 countries throughout the latter half of last year.

However, the city of Lima decided to take the matter into its own hands, putting together its own variation of the pop spectacle for a roaring crowd of eager concert-goers. The ringleader behind the tribute is Peruvian YouTuber iOA, who in an Instagram post, shared the show was to be filmed for his channel and had taken four months of rehearsals to put together.

Dubbed the “El Miji Show,” the concert replicated much of the tour’s elaborate production including costume changes, lighting, stage design and choreography. On stage, iOA and his “Motopapis” lip-synced and performed the Spanish singer’s setlist which included “Saoko,” “Motomami,” and “La Combi Versace,” among others.

“That night we will shoot the most important video I’ve done to date for YouTube,” he wrote in the caption of the concert’s announcement post. According to iOA, the show sold over 3,000 tickets and filled the Amphitheater Exposition Park in Lima on March 4.

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As an avid fan, iOA had managed to catch Rosalía’s September show in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, and in his Instagram highlights, shared footage from his experience. “I love that this is a show that has so much bodily expression,” he wrote in one post.

While on stage, iOA told fans: “Since I was a little kid, I swear to you from the bottom of my heart, I replicated concerts by myself in my room…and I can’t believe that [this many years ahead], I’m here in front of more than 3,000 [people].”

Though iOA’s official video has not been released just yet, clips of the tribute concert have already begun to go viral across Latin America. Meanwhile, fans on Twitter are pointing to the magnitude of the DIY event to convince the real Rosalía to play a show in Peru.

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