Rotterdam Tiger Competition Title ‘Feast’ Picked Up By Square Eyes (EXCLUSIVE)

Vienna-based sales outlet Square Eyes has acquired Tim Leyendekker’s first feature “Feast” ahead of its world premiere in the Tiger Competition of the Rotterdam Film Festival. Variety has been given exclusive access to the trailer.

Based on the Groningen HIV case, in which three men drugged other men and infected them with their own HIV-infected blood, “Feast” is described by Square Eyes as “a bold and provocative film that skilfully reflects the questions of life, death and morality that have emerged from one of the most disquieting stories in contemporary Dutch life.”

Unfolding over seven individual vignettes, each directed by Leyendekker but shot in collaboration seven different cinematographers, the film blends reportage and surrealism, disbelief and empathy to unpack the repercussions and reverberations of a singularly shocking series of events.

Leyendekker told Variety: “With ‘Feast,’ I hope I can get people to actively think about the many different sides to a news story. By dividing the film into different stand-alone sections, the viewer has more freedom to interpret whatever is on screen, to really engage with the story, the case, the images.”

Before working on his debut feature, Leyendekker, a visual artist, filmmaker and photographer, directed six short films. Four of these, namely “Still” (2006), “Opening Night” (2009), “The Healers” (2010) and “Blinder” (2015), were screened at Rotterdam.

Wouter Jansen from Square Eyes commented: “’Feast’ is a nuanced look at a controversial case that manages through different chapters, each with their own singular concept, to form an effortlessly coherent whole. The film impactfully deals with themes such as power and sexuality, and the perception of it in society.”

Square Eyes’ recent acquisitions include Karolis Kaupinis’ “Nova Lituania,” Lasse Linder’s “All Cats Are Grey in the Dark,” Alina Gorlova’s “This Rain Will Never Stop,” and Alex Piperno’s “Window Boy Would also Like to Have a Submarine.”

“Feast” was produced by Marc Thelosen and Koert Davidse for Seriousfilm and Leyendekker for Absent Without Leave. The project was also backed by the Netherlands Film Fund, the Dutch Cultural Media Fund, the City of Rotterdam, Kunstraad Groningen and CBK Rotterdam.

The cast includes Kuno Bakker, Oscar van den Boogaard, Sanne den Hartogh, Hans J., Koen Van Kaam, Trudi Klever, Bert Luppes, Katerina Sereti, Eelco Smits, Maureen Teeuwen and Vincent van der Valk.

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