Astrology: Expert reveals new zodiac dates as stars realign

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Astrology expert Jessica Adams spoke exclusively with, giving readers born between November 22 and December 21 an insight into their near futures.

Jessica explained: “We find the Sun, New Moon Eclipse, South Node, Mercury and Mars all appearing in Sagittarius, so it’s Sagittarius Season.

“Sagittarius Season runs until the last horoscope factor is out of Sagittarius, so we wait until January 19 2022 when the True South Node finally leaves Sagittarius for around another 18 years.”

One main date for this sign to watch out for is December 23, when “a stuck situation affecting your image ends.”

There is good news for the new year, as near January 3 2022, “money, property or business matters see a fresh start.”

Sagittarius, if you have issues with work or your home, expect them to resolve quickly after we bring in the new year.

Jessica explained: “It will be finances that will be the priority until 2024.

“You will be prepared to spend on your own freedom.”

Perhaps this is a sign for Sagittarius to seek a new solo adventure.

She added: “You will pay what it costs to be independent.”

Another date to be mindful of is May 10 2022, when “an opportunity and solution with your house, flat or residence will appear”.

Excitingly, “the value of your home may rise, or you may find prices drop in an area you want to move to”.

Sagittarius must be ready for many changes, for their work life will also change dramatically – and not just in Sagittarius season.

Jessica added: “Work changes continue until 2024 with more reshuffles, promotions, changed schedules and departures.”

Looking at the next few weeks, Sagittarius can expect exciting romantic prospects.

Jessica predicted that Sagittarius will be sharing a mistletoe kiss on December 24.

She stated: “If you are wondering when your love life will stop being so repetitive, the answer is – Christmas Eve.”

Sagittarius readers, avoid staying home that night.

Further afield, Sagittarius season will see a climate change cover-up.

Jessica said: “The Total New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4 is visible in Antarctica – there will be a cover-up about The Antarctica Treaty and/or Climate Emergency.”

She issued a warning: “It will be months or years before we discover what was concealed.

“Sagittarius also rules publishing and universities and we’ll hear big news in the book world and about academia by 19th January.”

And for the rest of the zodiac, “no matter what your sign is, two areas of your life which have been stuck, repetitive or strangely blocked will shift” from this same date.

Jessica Adams is the author of Essential Astrology for Women: astrology lovers can find her at 

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