Sainsbury's releases al £1 Chocolate Houmous snack for Easter

Carrot believe it! Shoppers are bewildered as Sainsbury’s releases a controversial £1 Chocolate Houmous snack for Easter – but some say they REALLY love it

  • Sainsbury’s have released a £1 chocolate houmous and carrots snack for Easter 
  • Customers were not all sold on the supermarket’s controversial offering
  • But some who tried it said they loved it, going as far as calling it ‘god tier’  

A host of delicious snacks are available around Easter time, from hot cross buns to chocolate eggs, but Sainsbury’s latest seasonal offering has failed to convince some customers. 

Shoppers were horrified to find out the supermarket has been selling £1 carrot sticks served with chocolate flavoured houmous this year. 

Manchester Evening news reporter, Adam Maidment, was among the shocked customers to pick up the treat by mistake in his local supermarket. He later shared a picture on Twitter. 

While most people said they found the combination of houmous and chocolate ‘disgusting,’ others who tried the snack said they really liked it, and would even go for seconds.

Shoppers were horrified to find out Sainsbury’s has been selling £1 carrots served with chocolate flavoured houmous this year ahead of Easter 

Many deeply upset social media users took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the unconventional dip

‘This is my own stupid fault for not properly looking but why is CHOCOLATE HOUMOUS even a thing? Sainsbury’s, can u not?’ Maidment asked after discovering he’d picked up the snack.

Many people echoed his thoughts on Twitter, with one saying: ‘that’s disgusting.’

Another person said:  ‘Surely it cannot be nice.’ 

‘My boyfriend tried to buy chocolate hummus at the grocery store today. I really love him, but I feel this is grounds for a breakup, please advise,’ one joked. 

People were shocked after Manchester reporter Adam Maidment said he found the snack at his local Sainsbury’s 

‘Why does chocolate hummus exist,’ said another.  

‘Whoever created chocolate hummus, I hate you,’ another said.   

‘Very much stretching the definition of houmous there,’ another said, while someone simply connected with a sick emoji.  


While most thought chocolate houmous sounds disgusting, a few admitted they loved the unusual snack

 However, some people admitted they are a fan of the controversial snack. 

‘Chocolate hummus is so good, argue with the wall,’ one said. 

‘Chocolate hummus is god tier,’ another added.  

The £1 treat is part of the Sainsbury’s Easter Bunny snacks, and was released with the rest of their Easter collection earlier this year.  It can also be bought as part of Sainsbury’s £3.50 meal deal. 

It is vegan, and made with chickpeas, peanut butter, maple syrup, milk or soya milk, vanilla and a pinch of salt.  

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