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The Kally Sleep Electric Fleece Blanket has three temperature settings and a fast warm-up time, and is an ideal accessory for those cold winter evenings. Waking up cold during the night has a profoundly negative effect on your sleep quality, and could be a part of the reason you spend so much of winter tired and irritable.

Buy: Kally Sleep (£59.99).

By using this blanket on particularly cold evenings, you can ensure that your body is being kept at the same temperature throughout the night, helping to guarantee an undisturbed sleep.

The heat also helps to improve circulation, which is particularly good for elderly people, those who suffer from muscle pain, and those who need some extra assistance with workout recovery.

Usually retailing for £84.99, you can currently pick up this top-rated electric blanket for £59.99, saving you £25.

Buy: Kally Sleep (£59.99).

Buy: Kally Sleep (£59.99).

The ultra-soft fleece material this electric blanket has been made with adds to its cosiness and helps you feel snug, warm, and comfortable all night long.

Although the blanket is electric, it has a low running cost that makes it a more economical option than running your heater all night long.

One reviewer said the blanket helped them “save on heating costs, would highly recommend”.

The blanket also boasts overheat protection, meaning that the blanket will automatically turn off if it senses it has been on for too long or has gotten too hot – helping protect your safety as well as ensuring the blanket doesn’t break.

You can pick up the Kally Sleep Electric Fleece Heat Blanket while it’s still on sale on Amazon here.

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