Shoppers’ delivery substitution fails – like getting condoms instead of tampons

It’s happened to us all.

You carefully select your shopping online, book a delivery slot and wait for your goodies to arrive.

But, when they do you discover that they’ve swapped your white wine for rose and your chips for potato waffles.

Substitutions annoy us all, but it turns out some are worse than others.

Reddit users have been sharing their worst ever supermarket delivery substitutions – and some of them are pretty hilarious.

Creating the thread, in the r/BritishProblems sub-forum, the original poster wrote: “Asda just swapped my vegetable pizza for a meat feast one. I am a vegetarian."

What's been your weirdest substitution? Tell us in the comments…

They continued: “My flatmates are vegetarians. Everyone in this house is a vegetarian.

“Anyone want a pizza?”

And, fellow grumbling customers shared their most ridiculous saps too.

One person wrote: “Tesco once replaced tampons with condoms. For real…”

Yeah, not sure that’ll do the trick.

While another poster said: “My mum once ordered a Mary Berry cookbook from Tesco.

"They substituted it for a cake. It was a good cake though, so not complaining.”

A third poster said: “I once ordered coconut oil cooking spray and it was replaced with coconut oil tanning spray… I would like to say I noticed before I started cooking.”

And, a fourth added: “My mum in law ordered a Pyrex dish and received… two fresh fish.

“She’s vegan as was the rest of her shopping.”

“Lol Morrisons replaced my broccoli with celery,” commented another poster. “Water with celery. Potatoes with celery.

“I even rejected them yet three packs of celery was delivered.”

An organised shopper said: “I once ordered a ball of string (to tie up a joint of meat), and Tesco replaced it with a pack of large envelopes.”

How, erm, useful…

“I once got celery instead of daffodils,” joked another. “They almost looked the same in the vase!”

Another poster added: “Asda make odd substitutions. We got bananas swapped for cauliflower.”

To which a joker replied: “Have you never tried a Cauliflower split? Or Banana cheese?!”

“We were all students once,” they responded.

Even a supermarket picker added his two cents to the conversation.

He said: “I pick online orders and I normally ignore the suggested subs because they are straight up stupid sometimes.

“The other day we ran out of medium pineapples, and it suggested I put in a mango instead of a large pineapple.

“And last month it told me to sub tinned fruit cocktail in juice for a child's multipack of raisins, we had fruit cocktail in syrup.

“People without common sense are terrible at my job.”

A smart individual added: “Yeah just clicking ‘do not substitute’ seems to work fine for us.”

Wise advice indeed.

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