Kody Brown spent most of season 15 of Sister Wives, explaining how he no longer enjoyed his polygamist lifestyle. In a bombshell moment, the Brown family patriarch made it clear that he could no longer advocate for plural families. While the public admission was certainly new, it was clear to fans that Kody has been unhappy in his four marriages for some time. Over the years, he’s made some pretty awful remarks about each of his four wives. Do you remember his harshest words? 

Kody announced on Sister Wives that he has no attraction to Meri Brown and has no desire to be intimate 

Kody’s issues with his first wife, Meri Brown, are no secret. Their marital drama has been playing out on Sister Wives since 2015. Meri’s catfishing scandal seems to have permanently fractured their bond. That is, somewhat understandable, insist family followers. Still, Kody’s public behavior toward Meri is especially cringeworthy. 

In one of his worst moments, he publicly announced that he felt no physical attraction toward his first wife and had no desire to have an intimate relationship with her. While those are valid feelings, he didn’t need to announce it to the world, argue family followers. That sounds like a conversation that Kody and Meri should have in private, and even in private, a bit of tact would be helpful. 

Kody famously revealed that Christine grossed him out because she was “chubby” 

Kody’s feelings for his third wife, Christine Brown, are no rosier than his feelings for Meri. There is one big difference though, Kody didn’t appear to have ill feelings about his union with Meri initially. He did have reservations when it came to Christine. 

In the family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives, Kody explained that he was not physically attracted to Christine when he married her. He described her as “a little chubby” and complained about how she ate nachos. Kody said that the way she devoured a plate of nachos turned his stomach and made him sick. Clearly, Kody wasn’t into the marriage when he walked down the aisle. The feelings might have been mutual, though. Christine described her wedding day as “morose.”

Kody Brown, described feeling an “ick factor” upon meeting Robyn Brown during a Sister Wives interview

Sister Wives might have started as a reality show about Kody and his four wives, but in recent years, fans think Kody’s fourth and legal wife may have changed his views on polygamy. Robyn Brown and Kody appear the coziest of the couples now, and many believe Kody only has an interest in a romantic relationship with Robyn. Still, he wasn’t sold on her initially, either. 

In an early Sister Wives interview, Kody described his reservations about courting Robyn as an “ick factor.” He went on to explain that she seemed like a “soccer mom” and that taking on three kids and a divorced wife didn’t exactly fill him with glee. The couple got together anyway, many believe at the urging of Meri, and appear happy now. Still, spilling such thoughts to the public seems a little rude. 

Kody recently called Janelle Brown lazy 

While Kody hasn’t pulled any punches regarding his thoughts on wife number 1, wife number 3, and wife number 4, he’s been suspiciously quiet regarding wife number 2, Janelle Brown. Janelle and Kody have a relationship that Meri once described as cerebral, and fans believe she might be the easiest going of Kody’s four romantic partners. Still, he’s had criticisms for her, too. 

Most recently, Kody accused Janelle of being lazy when it came to COVID-19 precautions. Kody came up against opposition from Janelle and Christine when it came to the Coronavirus. Janelle and Christine decided not to prevent their kids from going out, while Kody wanted them all to remain home to keep everyone safe. Kody said he thought Janelle was “full of s***.” 

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