Who thought THAT was a good idea? Social media users reveal the weirdest designs they’ve come across – from ‘feet underwear’ to a toilet seat that attaches to your car wheel

  • People from around the world have been sharing unusual products they found
  • Humorous snaps reveal items that don’t quite make sense outside their niche  
  • Bizarre products include portable toilet seat that attaches to wheel of your car
  • Meanwhile another person was surprised to find a wine glass necklace  

Sometimes off-the-wall ideas are just what the world needs. But sometimes, as these bizarre designs prove, they should have been left on the drawing board. 

Social media users from around the world have shared the weirdest products they have ever come across, with the very best collated in a gallery by Bored Panda.

One photo shows a toilet seat that attaches to a car tyre, for those moments when you simply need to go. Another reveals a hands-free wine glass necklace. 

Here FEMAIL reveals a few of the more unusual products for sale around the world… 

Social media users from around the world have been sharing the unusual products they have found online – including a toilet seat for sale in the US which attaches to the tire of your car 

Who wants a handsfree wine! Another British user shared this unusual necklace which allows the wearer to hold their glass 

Another American user revealed their surprise to find mayonnaise in the shampoo and conditioner aisle of the supermarket  

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Would you like to wear underwear for your feet? One person was surprised to find the unusually small sock in a British shop  

Kentucky fried chicken…firelogs? US customers were surprised by these unusual fire starters which are designed to be scented like a meaty snack  

Cartoon crazy! Any Loony Tunes fan would be delighted with this hilariously random runner which fits perfectly on your stairs

Don’t cross it off your list! Social media users in the US were blown away by this office chair which is specifically tailored for who want to sit with their legs up at work 

Surprise! One group of women surprised their husbands by arriving at their vacation wearing swimsuits which featured their faces  

This ‘cowch’ positioned outside a Washington shop offered customers the option to sit on a slightly more comical bench than usual

Anyone buying the blue burgers from this American store would have to be extremely trusting that they’re not just week old beef patties

These step ladders labelled as ‘rental stairs’ are an opportunistic ticket selling scheme for Brazilian fans of the Fluminense football team to be able to watch from outside the stadium

This unusual umbrella design, which makes the rainy weather accessory look like a samurai sword, stunned some British users

Given up on facemasks? American customers were blown away by these ‘pods’ which allow the user to walk around within an enclosed tent  

And it’s only $10? Over 200 shoppers invested in this unusual ‘anti-gravity finger surfboard’ which was for sale in America  

These shoes created for a ‘same height party’ actually serve as great way to level the playing field – but seem fairly unlikely to catch on in the mainstream 

We’re not sure this one will blow up! One Canadian designer created this unusual lilo design for beachgoers to enjoy  

Pimp your beard! British customers who were desperate to feel festive at Christmas might be interested in decorating their facial hair  

This sauce gun from a European store seems wholly unnecessary for someone who simply wants some condiment but great for anyone who enjoys food related violence

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