Snaps reveal hilarious mishaps from people with no lateral thinking

Someone’s getting the sack! Snaps reveal how things go wrong when an incompetent person is left in charge – including bizarre shopping substitutions a steel baby bottle

  • A series of amusing snaps collated by BoredPanda reveal people’s terrible ideas
  • Images taken from across the globe include a set of swings facing each other 
  • Features shampoo reading ‘Drink it up!’ and mouldy looking food packaging 

Common sense might come naturally to some, but the people behind these ideas should probably go back to the drawing board.

A series of amusing snaps collated by BoredPanda and taken by people from across the globe, reveal some very funny mishaps from people who have no lateral thinking. 

The pictures include a retailer who attempted to swap a bunch of flowers for a pepper, a set of swings facing each other, and shampoo bottles with a label reading ‘Drink it up!’.  

Here, Femail reveal pictures of some disastrous ideas, which should definitely should not have been approved. 

Life finds a way! These barriers designed to prevent cyclists from passing through don’t seem that effective 

What a nice surprise! This disappointed husband was offered a red bell pepper in exchange for some flowers to gift his wife 

No thanks! This shampoo and conditioner set came with a label telling shoppers to ‘drink it up’ 

For those with X-ray vision! This dad was unimpressed by a baby bottle made from stainless steel 

These bespoke biscuits seemed to be sending the wrong message to the wedding guests 

A disaster waiting to happen! This park comes with a set of poorly designed swings facing each other 

Spoiler! This nativity scene showed a picture of Jesus being crucified, several years after his birth 

This unhelpful emergency telephone advised those in crisis to dial 999, however only had buttons for numbers 1-3 

These cheese slices came in very unfortunate clear packaging with green spots, making the food appear mouldy

That’s a shock! One person spent hours looking for a plug before realising it had been placed directly behind a radiator  

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