It’s not always good to share! People reveal their housemates’ most inconsiderate moments – including BITING into the butter

  • People from around the world contributed their photographs to Bored Panda
  • One person shared their disgust with their dad because he bites in to the butter
  • Another individual shared how his wife always overloads the dishwasher 

Most people have spent more time than ever at home over the past year, and for some, living with their loved ones has been a frustrating experience. 

From a person who takes bites out of the butter to a housemate who treats the living room like his second bedroom, social media users shared snaps of the most annoying moments from those they live with to a gallery on Bored Panda.

Among the posts is a husband who shared a photograph of a dishwasher overflowing with cups and plastic containers, as he vented about his wife’s packing skills.

Elsewhere, a wife accused her husband of being ‘technologically challenged’ after he ripped the side of a juice box instead of using the lid.  

People from around the world contributed the most annoying thing about those that they live with to a gallery on Bored Panda – including one person who said their father has a habit of taking a bite from the butter 

Hygiene isn’t a priority! One person contributed a photograph of their chaotic living room, revealing their housemate has been treating the space like it’s his bedroom 

A husband mocked his wife’s ability to pack the dishwasher with a photograph showing plates, cups and plastic containers squashed together 

Another person shared the frustration of their housemate repeatedly failing to hang the toilet tissue through the right hole 

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Must be too thirsty! A woman described her husband as ‘technologically challenged’ after he chose to rip the side of a juice box instead of using the lid 

One person shared the frustration of sharing toothpaste with their family who always squeezes too much and leaves it overflowing 

Another individual blasted their girlfriend for repeatedly putting groceries in the fridge while still in shopping bags  

Sharing is caring! A social media user revealed her mother has a habit of putting ice-creams back in the freezer after eating the chocolate 

One man blasted his wife for wasting food, as he contributed a photograph of a jar of peanut butter that she had put in the bin 

Another individual shared a screenshot of the interaction with their brother, revealing he only texts when he needs to be let inside  

Home comforts! A woman revealed her husband has bought memory foam for just his side of their bed 

Another person shared the frustration of marrying someone who places a new roll of toilet tissue on top of the empty cardboard from the old one

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