A serial sperm donor who toured the US and UK helping mums conceive children opened up about his unusual practice – and revealed that sex is sometimes involved.

Kyle Gordy’s charitable practice began when he helped a lesbian friend to conceive with her partner. And, seeing the good that could be done, he set up a website to offer his services to other females in need of sperm.

The American’s endeavours have seen him recruited to tour the UK, and he admitted demand soared during the pandemic as single women sought to start a family.

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Now, having fathered 51 children – and with 14 more on the way – Kyle opened up about his work during an interview on GB News.

Asked by the presenters how often he donates his sperm, Kyle replied: “I usually do it about three to five times a month, it just depends how often women recommend me or contact me.”

Not every donation, though, results in a baby being born.

He suggested: “It’s probably about – if we’re not including miscarriages – probably close to 40% in the past ten months, I’ve calculated, which is higher than the average of 20%.”

As for the service itself, Kyle stressed he has no monetary gain from his unusual offer.

“I do not get paid,” he noted. “Usually when I travel abroad, like I went to the UK recently and had a new pregnancy, I cover my travel and pool, so I’m free.”

And, as well as delivering his sperm artificially, Kyle confessed sometimes the donees request the more natural process of sleeping together to create a child.

“About 10% of the time, the women do request to do it naturally. In that case, we exchange STD results and do it,” he added.

In the UK, rules around sperm donation mean anyone conceived with a donor are unable to request any information about their genetic dad until the age of 16.

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But, Kyle explained one of the unusual features about his unlicensed operation is that he is open to communicating with the children he has fathered.

“I do meet some of them and a lot of the mums also want me involved,” he said.

“They really like it because the children can have play dates with each other, they always have best friends they can look up to. So it’s really in a sense one big family for some of the mums I’ve helped.”

And, the serial sperm donor suggested he had no intention of stopping anytime soon, adding: “It is a lot of children, but the world is a big place; I will stop when women stop needing my services.”


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