Spoilers: Glen goes to great lengths to hide his secret in Neighbours

Glen (Richard Huggett) is harbouring a huge secret that he is desperate to keep hidden. Is he prepared to trash someone else’s life in a bid to save his own hide in Neighbours? You bet he is.

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) was not impressed at River Bend when she noticed Glen was trying to meddle in her love life, telling him in no uncertain terms to get lost when he tried to block her getting closer to Kiri. Though he tried to play it that he was just concerned for her, something in her gut told her different.

When Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson) shows up in Ramsay Street, Glen has got a problem. She’s his secret daughter, but no one – not even she – knows, and he wants it to stay that way. Not likely to happen while she’s hanging out just a few feet from him. He’s surprised by the fact he’s yearning for a connection with her, but he knows it can’t happen. Keen to ease his burden, he confesses to a gobsmacked Terese, but decides that’s as far as it can go.

Glen is relieved when he learns the reason Kiri has arrived is to pursue Nicolette and not because she knows about him. But as a standard when trying to avoid something, Glen seems to find her everywhere he turns. He’s struggling to keep his mouth shut and the more these run-ins go on, the more likely it is he’s going to blab.

So Glen comes up with a plan to protect the truth – he resolves to break up Kiri and Nicolette in the hopes it will send her away. He’s about to get devious.

Nic is floored when Kiri confronts her with all the information on Nic’s colourful past. It gives Kiri the ick. When Nic reacts with absolute fury towards Glen, the ick becomes permanent and there’s no going back, Kiri is well and truly done with Nicolette and decides to leave. Glen’s job here is done, it seems his secret is protected.

Scenes air from Monday March 21 on Channel 5.

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